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My Little touch of Luxury – Mulberry Scarf

February 21, 2017

As I have gotten older, I have really come to appreciate little touches of luxury and decadence. From beautiful indulgent bath oils, to a new addition to my handbag collection. I get a huge thrill and sense of achievement every time I save up and buy the thing I have my eye on. I work blooming hard in my day job, so why not!

Iv always had an appreciation and love for the Mulberry brand. I love its quality and instantly recognisable classic items. Im lucky to have a few of their bags, but always wanted to own one of their beautiful cashmere scarfs. I just never felt I could justify the £200 + price tag……for a scarf.

Well, a couple of weeks ago, this happened…


Retail therapy – A little touch of luxury

January saw me close the doors to my business for the last time. (full story in this blog post). It was an emotional yet celebratory time, that I decided the only appropriate way to deal with, was retail therapy! After much contemplation, I decided that as Id lusted for a scarf for so long, so I should just do it!  I made a soya milk latte, sat at my laptop, oohhhed and ahhhed at all the colours, google image searched the colours that drew my fancy, (to see them on and in situ, I was taking it very seriously you understand) then pressed add to basket on my chosen one! Imagine my enhanced, absolute joy when I found that there was a sale on, and Id made a fabulous saving on it.

Disclaimer – I am massivley pushing myself out of my comfort zone here. (Its part of my personally growth, be brave Kerry, be brave).  I am the least photogenic person in the world, hate my round face in photos, and to top that, for some reason found it hysterically funny when my husband was trying to take photos.


Cashmere, my little touch of luxury




Looking away from my husband taking the photo as I was laughing too much


I love it. Its soft and snuggly. It makes me feel amazing. I am over the moon.


A brave move, I hate being in photos

As a side note, my love affair with the higher end, luxurious items was 100% my husbands fault. Yep, no blame whatsoever on me, it was all him your honour. As I approached my 30th birthday, (too many years ago), he bought me one of those smash to open money pots. His idea was that I should save all my £1/£2 coins, then just before each birthday smash it open. We would then go up to London for the day and buy my coveted item. (That was the birth of it becoming our thing, and I still look forward to it every year).

I 100% appreciate that paying lots of money for items is definitely not some peoples “thing” and I respect that. It only became achievable and my thing as my business grew and I could save the money to indulge. Im not a big buyer of throw away fashion, I prefer adding luxurious, classic items to my wardrobe as and when I can afford them. I appreciate, research and adore every item!

Whats your thing? Id love to hear xx

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11 responses to “My Little touch of Luxury – Mulberry Scarf”

  1. Brianna says:

    I love the scarf!

  2. The scarf really suits your hair colour. I really think investing in luxury accessories is worth it (or that’s what i tell myself!!) X

  3. Lindsayrose says:

    That is absolutely beautiful!!! X

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