The Labworth -Canvey Island, Essex

Nik (my long suffering husband) and I decided at the end of last year that we would try a different restaurant each month that we have never been to. Unfortunately for our waistlines, we are both big foodies! To start us off, for Christmas last year our teenage sons bought us a gift voucher for a restaurant thats a 25 minute drive from us that we had wanted to try. It had a great reputation locally, but you have to book quite far in advance and well, we are just not that organised, so March was the first date we could get in.

A little history, (only a little, I promise)

The Labworth in Canvey Island sits on an elevated position, looking across and down the River Thames. The whole front is glass, so I would imagine the views in the summer are fab. Now a grade II listed building, it was built in 1932, but had fallen into a state of disrepair by the 1980’s. In the late 90’s a lottery winner bought the round, concrete building and The Labworth was born.


My husband and I visited on a Saturday night and it was packed, with every table full. It was full of life, but not unbearably loud so you couldn’t speak to each other. Despite our 26 year relationship, we do still quite like talking to each other!

Anyway, the food.

Nik chose a baked brie dish to start, I chose a crab, prawn and  avocado dish. Mine was supposed to have a cheese sauce on top, but I cannot stand cheese with fish (weird I know), so they kindly made mine without.

Baked brie, I wish Id had this one


Mains were Sea Bass for me, Fillet steak for Nik. A selection of vegetables was also included.

Sea bass with chicory puree
Fillet with a port and stilton sauce

Obviously, we were trying this restaurant for the first time, so of course had to try dessert too! Surely its not a fair judgment if we don’t try all courses……

I had the most delicious chocolate pudding, an unusual choice for me as Im not a big chocolate fan, but it sounded amazing. A little chocolate pudding with a melted middle, toffee ice-cream, and salted popcorn on the top. Delicious. Nik had one of the nights specials which was a Baileys, and Oreo cheesecake.

I loved the presentation of this desert


My gorgeous chocolate pudding

Overall, a fabulous restaurant and amazing food. If I had one tiny gripe, it would be that they perhaps put too many tables in what is essentially, a small round restaurant. Although it didn’t feel like you were on top of each other as they angled the tables well, there was tables put in all available space. It certainly wouldn’t put us off going though, the food was way to good.


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