Five Favourite things – March

I thought I would start a regular monthly post of five things I have loved throughout the month. I like the idea of doing this, and it will help me remember things that have rocked my world. At my age, I can forget the absolute-best-thing-ever that I found, literally a week later!  The favourites could be beauty items, a new bag, something for my home, a book Iv read, anything really. It will just always be something that has made me happy that month! So, here goes, five favourites for March.

1 – St Tropez Facial tanning oil 

This little bottle of loveliness is a real find for me. Although Im from Essex, Im not a fan of a dark tan on me, (I know, I know, I can hear them in my road with pitch forks), but do like a little warmth in my winter pale skin. Iv been looking for a light tan that suits me, and literally just gives a lift to my skin tone.  Although my skin isn’t usually sensitive, it can react to self tanning lotions, my skin becoming itchy and tight feeling,  so this has proven quite difficult. I read about the St Tropez oil online, and liked the thought of an oil as opposed to lotion. Hydration is always my friend! Well it hasn’t disappointed. I apply quite sparingly by a drop to my forehead and each cheek, and rub in, simple as that. It absorbs lovely, with no oily feeling at all, and my skin has not reacted in the slightest. It leaves me with a light, barely there tan which is perfect for me. Just a lift and warmth to my skin tone. You can see purchase details here.

St Tropez facial tanning oil

2 – Morning Smoothies in a glass jar

So I vowed at the start of this year to start trying to get some vitamins back in my system and eat cleaner. (the latter, not going so good) I have read about the countless benefits of making smoothies, but usually they just don’t excite me. That is, until I discovered that putting them in a pretty jar made me want to have one! I know, Im a sucker for a bit of frooth-ing. My favourite recipe, all served in my jar of course, is;

a banana, handful of frozen mixed berries, few blueberries, good glug of cashew milk, a teaspoon of cashew nut butter, a teaspoon of chai seeds, half a teaspoon of matcha powder and some water to thin it out a bit. I personally don’t like my smoothie too thick.

My Super Smoothie

3 – Daily Greatness Journals

Ok so its no secret amongst my friends and family that I am obsessed with stationary. I mean literally addicted. I have no resistance when it comes to pretty note books. In a moment of relapse I bought the Daily Greatness Journal (full details here) after a friend had bought me the business version. In truth, I totally forgot about them. They were in my cupboard, piled up with the other notepads, waiting to be invited to the party. Well little Daily Greatness Business Planner, get your coat, you’ve pulled! I decided to use this to help me plan and organise my blog, just as I would have used it in my business when I had it. (You can read that story here if you fancy it) It helps me focus and set tasks, set monthly goals, plan my posts, measure my achievement etc. As a person who is a little chaotic by nature, it really is proving to be a great planning aid.

The Daily Greatness Business Planner – my organisation tool

4 – Darjeeling Tea – in a tea pot of course

If you read my post recently on afternoon tea at Claridges, (here if you’d like to) you may now know that I am obsessed with posh tea, Darjeeling in particular. Apparently, its the “Queen of teas”, and Im blooming loving it. Its quite a delicate tea, and when you make it its quite pale in colour. This worried me initially as I thought it would be weak and dishwater-y, but its not, its just different. I am also adamant that my Darjeeling comes in a tea pot, so my little tea for one cup and pot currently gives me life.

Tea for one, oh and a little cupcake…..

5 – My Olympus Pen camera – and photography

I need to disclose straight off that I am NO photographer. Im trying really really hard, and have taken a few out of a zillion that I like, but I’m a work in progress! I bought my camera a few months ago, but, the manual came on a disc. We have Macbook’s in our house, so…… place for a disc! This means that I have been unable to read the manual, so its been google, youtube and countless blogs to try to understand my camera. Im still struggling, but what I have developed is a massive love and appreciation for a good photograph. I find myself trawling blogs and Instagram, admiring a good pic, whatever the subject matter. Iv also discovered some amazing blog posts that have helped massively, so have put the links below.

my Olympus Pen camera. Im sure I will eventually take amazing photos, just need a zillion lessons and tutorials

Bang on Style – helpful info on settings

Stylon – Great hints and tips

milkbubbletea – Review and tips


Id love to hear if you have found any favourites this month. Let me know in the comments.



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  1. March 31, 2017 / 3:29 pm

    Lovely post.
    I do a favourites [ when I remember] to do exactly the same as you. Record what I was loving that month. I’m so behind this month I’ve not blogged all week! [ for personal reasons]
    I love the pen and I’m always popping over to Stylon Instagram and blog for tips. So much to learn! But don’t you just love it.
    The photos in this post are fabulous.
    I’m trying to master talking about products over on instastories. So far today I’ve made myself sound like a blithering idiot!
    Tracey xx

    • kerrylifeandloves
      March 31, 2017 / 3:35 pm

      Ahhh Tracey you are so sweet. I try really hard with photos, in my mind I think oh that will look fab, in reality, FAIL haha. Im sure I will get there, Im looking at doing a class though as Im floundering badly. thanks for visiting, (hope you ok) xxx

  2. April 3, 2017 / 6:31 pm

    I love these type of posts kerry as I genuinely like to see what similar people have been ‘into’. I like the sound of the tanning oil and I’ll be whizzing up one of those smoothies. Thin for me too! Don’t despair with the photography, I couldn’t use the disc either (mac user) so have gotten along with You Tube and reading all the posts by other bloggers. I love the wifi, and remote control function with my tripod. I couldn’t live without it now. I’m really enjoying the photography side of things and was thinking of doing a course too but to be honest I’ve learnt quite a bit online already. I was frustrated and started to dislike the pen but then it all seemed to come together!!

    • kerrylifeandloves
      April 3, 2017 / 7:36 pm

      Thanks for stopping by Steph xx. Ohhh now that gives me hope. I get so frustrated with it! I think I need to buy the 45mm lens too, that seems to be the general view online! The tanning oil is a find! I love it as its subtle. Glad you enjoyed the post xx

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