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Investing in Classics for your wardrobe

April 2, 2017

First and foremost, I need to put it out there that I am a shoe and handbag demon. I have, since being a very, very small child, had an obsession with shoes and bags. As a child, my tiny feet would be popped into any discarded heels that I happened to come across, and dragged across the floor in my attempt to walk in them.

Nothing has changed on the obsession front, (although I can walk a little better in heels now)

You may have read in my post here, that I am attempting to add classic items to my wardrobe, to give me little touches of luxury, that will not date. Well I have always tried to do this with any expensive bags/shoes that I have bought over the years, so I thought I would share three of my absolute favourite, fully recommended items with you. I always have an item in mind that I research and mull over before I buy. As it usually takes me about a year to save, I have plenty of time to make sure its something that will be used lots. No expensive mistakes made by this shopping gal!

Mulberry Lily – You can shop similar here

My most used bag – The Mulberry Lily


I am a huge fan of the Mulberry brand. It was the brand that as a young woman, I always aspired to own. It was the first high end brand that I saved up hard for and bought, and I still adore the brand. This bag is probably my most used in my collection, so gets the top spot. The Lily comes in three sizes, mini, regular and medium. This one is the regular, in “deer brown” and with gold hardware. I just find this bag is suitable for so many occasions. I use it when Im dressed up on lunch dates or an evening out, but have also used it when off to Bluewater shopping. It is just big enough to be useful and get enough stuff in, but small enough to look nice when your dressed up. I just love it, and the colour is fairly neutral, so can go with lots. Especially for someone like me that tends to wear black, white and nudes/neutral tones. Its a classic style and colour, and I adore it. (An added bonus to this was that I bought this from House Of Fraser in the sale a few years ago, and got £150 off it! ) Winner!!!!!

Chanel Pump – no longer available, but similar can sometimes be found here

Chanel patent pump

These shoes are by far, the comfiest heels I own. I can literally wear them all day with no problem. In fact, I wore them to Ladies Day at Royal Ascot a few years back (with a grey and white dress) and they were still just as comfy at the end of the night as when I put them on in the morning. I have had these pumps about 8 years, and they still look almost perfect. I bought them from a pop up designer trade in shop, (where certified designer items no longer needed are sold on behalf of people for a commission) so paid far less for them brand new, as I would have direct from Chanel. The colour of these is hard to describe, its kind of a pewter/khaki patent. I love these with blue jeans and a nice dressy top as well as dressed up with a nice dress.

Mulberry Bayswater – Can shop it here

My emotional attachment bag – The Mulberry Bayswater in Oak

This bag holds a special place in my heart as it was the very first one that I bought for myself. I’d saved for a year for this bag, and it was the item that I’d wanted forever. To me, its the instantly recognisable and iconic Mulberry shape, and this colour, Oak, is a classic. This bag is my default for days out, as I can get so much into it, (including a pair of flat shoes if I have gone out in heels). More recently, due to my blogging obsession, my Olympus Pen camera has been a permanent accessory I take out. This bag is fab because I can get that in, plus all my other stuff I take. Having said all that, it is quite a heavy bag empty, so I do try not to overload it if I dont want aching arms by the end of the day.


So there you have it, three items that I am still loving and using. I appreciate that it costly to buy higher end items, but as I have had some of these for up to 10 years, I have 100% got my monies worth!

Id love to hear what you have in your wardrobe that was a fab buy?


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