Mineral Make up and its benefits to our skin

Im sure by now everyone has heard of mineral make up, but do we know what it is, or even care? Without doubt, there are benefits to wearing it, but it always had the reputation as not having great staying power, not much pigmentation in colours, and in the case of photography, giving “flash back” in photos.

Well, things have definitely improved! There are now lots of mineral make up brands on the market, and lots of the big make up brands have embraced the “mineral” benefits and implemented mineral items into their range.

So what is mineral make up?

Favoured by Dermatologists and skin care therapists, mineral make up is free from additives and chemicals, so less likely to be an irritant to skin. Fabulous if you suffer with any skin sensitiviy, rosacea, acne etc. It is made up of very finely ground minerals, (such as zinc oxide and titanium oxide) and both of these ingredients are natural sun blocks, therefore providing SPF naturally. They also contain mica, which in itself is a natural light reflector, so gives that dewy, glowy look that we all love. Great for a more mature skin as it “blurs the lines”.

What are the benefits to wearing it? 

Well a big benefit in my eyes is the natural SPF that mineral make up gives, without having to add further chemicals to your skin. Great for any redness issues, but also the spf protection is great for anti-aging. You all know you should be wearing SPF so Im not going to nag you on that one (Ok, I lie, Iv been a skin therapist for 18 years, I cant not nag. WEAR YOUR SPF. Including in winter)  Ok, phew. Also, when in powder form, it has an extended shelf life to traditional make up as its composition means that it dosent encourage bacterial growth, therefore avoiding the risk of contamination. Big bonus! Mineral make up is also water resistant, so sweat and rain showers will not ruin your make up!

Now, I do use many make up brands, as I literally love make up and have a stash that I could open my own shop with, and like to try a new face each day, (sadly, none of the faces look like Charlize Theron). Its not often that I do my make up using all mineral brands, unless my skin is feeling particularly sensitive or reactive, but I should do more often because I really like some of the products, and I know its great for my skin.

I decided to do an all mineral make up face of the day to put it through its paces and test out. The products I used were as follows;

For my base Im using Jane Iredale Dream Tint in colour medium light.  This is a tinted moisturiser, but I apply it with a brush and it gives a slightly fuller coverage than a traditional tinted moisturiser. My concealer is the Lily Lolo concealer in Nude and my powder I set with is the Jane Iredale amazing base in Light Beige.

My blusher – Jane Iredale in Barely Rose, Lip Colour – Bare Minerals liquid lip in colour “Swag” (I love this, there is a full review of it I wrote here)

Eye Make up – Im using the Jane Iredale Palette in Perfectly Nude, Eye Liner – Jane Iredale Basic Black


Mascara – I had to my usual Lancome one as the mineral one I had has dried up, ooops!

So here is the overall finished look. I applied this make up at about 8am, and removed it at 845pm. My eyeshadow had worn off a little, and I had to reapply my lipstick a few times throughout the day, but thats standard with any lip colour, and actualy, this Bare Minerals one has great staying power. I feel my base looked pretty good, and I had only dusted my face with powder again once throughout the day. (I apologise for the rubbish next photo, I am so far out of my comfort zone being in front of the camera).


I hope this has given you a little insight into mineral make up on my more mature skin. If you have any mineral make up brands for me to try, Id love to hear! If you would like to look into the brands I have used, I have popped the links below


Jane Iredale 

Lily Lolo

Bare Minerals

mineral make and its benefits
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  1. highstreetbeauty11
    April 15, 2017 / 7:38 am

    I have seen a lot more mineral makeup around in the shops recently but have never tried it. I definitely will after this read xx

    • kerrylifeandloves
      April 15, 2017 / 8:15 am

      Yes I agree, there seems to be more about at the minute. My skin can get sensitivity/redness sometimes, but a few days of using a mineral base seems to calm it. It is definitely worth experimenting a bit xx

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