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Health journey update – 2 weeks in

May 4, 2017

Its been just over two weeks since I began my quest for a healthier and fitter body. Im still very much in the early days, but thought I would do a quick update post to tell you some pitfalls I have come up against, some successes, and a couple of favourite meals I’v tried. If your on your own health quest, I would love you to share any tips/meals/exercises with me, I need all the help I can get!

Two of my favourite meals

If you saw my April monthly favourites, (you can read here) you will see that I have a strong love affair with avocado and strawberries on rye toast. It is beautiful and I have discovered that drizzling a little balsamic on it, makes it beyond amazing. Its a brilliant, quick lunch with some amazing benefits. From my work head/facialist point of view, you also have the bonus of avocado’s being so good for our skin! Yum

I also made a chickpea, quinoa and spinach curry. This was delicious and made enough to batch up and freeze for a further two meals. Its also my style of cooking, chuck it all in and cook! Here are the details if you fancy trying it.

Chickpea, quinoa and spinach curry


400g tinned coconut milk                                       180g quinoa

400g tinned chickpeas                                             150g spinach

400g tinned chopped tomatoes                             1tbsp tomato puree

500g new potatoes halved                                       salt and pepper

then I added a tea spoon of ground ginger, coriander, garam masala,  and 3 tea spoons of turmeric

herbs and spices


Pop everything except the spinach in a pan and cook until potatoes and quinoa cooked, add the spinach and keep heat until spinach wilts. Thats it! serve and enjoy

Whats gone well;

I am enjoying what Im eating. That is a massive plus. Im actually interested in making dishes with lots of flavour, so find Im becoming a bit more experimental with herbs/spices. Iv even planted my own little herb garden so I have a few fresh herbs to hand.

my little container herb garden, mint, parsley and basil


Im trying hard to add more exercise into my life on a daily basis. Gym’s intimidate me at this stage, so that isn’t an option at the moment, but I have been doing all the cliches. Using the stairs instead of the lift while shopping, parking in the space furthest away from the shop so I have to walk, taking my dog further on our walks (even incorporating a hill or two), all the things we know we should be doing. I plan on venturing into my sons gym in our garage at some point, they have a treadmill…………..clumsy Kerry plus a moving walking machine, hmmmm, that could be fun!

Iv never been able to eat breakfast. It just never appealed to me. Quick cuppa and that was it for me, but I know the benefits of having breakfast, so have been trying to eat it. Iv found that actually, its ok. I tend to make porridge with almond milk, a pinch of cinnamon and banana, strawberries and blueberries piled on top.

Although Im trying not to make weight my focus, I said in my first health post (here) that I will weigh in every two weeks or so, just as a visible progress report.  I weighed in yesterday, and the scales say I have lost 5lb since start. I will take that with pleasure! Yayyyy.

What’s been a stumbling block;

I NEED to become more organised. A couple of times I have been caught out as I dont have the food I need to keep to my healthy eating. Its amazing how much more food you get through when you are not eating out and getting take away at the weekend. I think the way to combat this is to plan out my meals. Im thinking Sunday evening (especially now Line of Duty is finished, how good was that)  I could sit and plan out my dinners for the week. Monday is my day off, so I can go and get my shopping and that eliminates that problem. Organisation is key!

meal planning and organising

I also need to find a solution to my meals on a work day. I work two days during the week, starting at 9am and finishing at 9pm. Sometimes I manage to get a lunch break, and if I can take a full hour I try to have my main meal at lunchtime. If I only get a 20 minute break, its much harder. I end up having a soup, avocado on rye or something else quick. this means come 9pm, Im starving and eat a big meal late at night. I need to organise my diary better to always give myself a full hours lunchbreak. Again, that would mean the problem is avoided.


So thats my update. I hope you are finding your way if you are on your own journey. Id love to hear!

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2 responses to “Health journey update – 2 weeks in”

  1. highstreetbeauty11 says:

    I am definitely going to pinch your curry recipe and try the avocado and strawberry on rye toast, too. I agree that organisation is key. I go to the supermarket on a Monday with a list and a plan for the week’s meals xxx

    • kerrylifeandloves says:

      Honestly, I think im slightly obsessed with the avo/rye combo. I think your right, go with a list and plan plan plan! x

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