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Finding My Style – Autumn Wish List

August 29, 2017

Autumn is without doubt, my favourite season. Its also the season that for some reason, I actually enjoy clothes shopping for. All the tan, berry, greys and blacks are my kind of colours!

I spoke over on twitter recently about how the idea of capsule wardrobe really appeals to me. Im not a massive fan of clothes shopping, I have to really be in the mood, (handbag shopping, thats a different matter, I can do that like an endurance athlete), so I love the idea of having good quality, key items in your wardrobe that you then build round. Im happy to save up and buy one thing, and I like the idea of less waste, mindful shopping, finding and perfecting my own style, and not getting sucked in to the “latest must haves” we see season after season thrust down our throats. Im not a fan of throw away fashion. Is that an age thing…..?

I did start to move towards this thinking at the start of the year, and these posts, my Little Touch Of Luxury and Investing in Classics for your Wardrobe both started my lean towards thinking more carefully about what I buy.

If you were to ask me what my style was, Id probably not be able to tell you! I think I can be quite undecided and changeable, but always like comfort. Im quite short too, (just 5ft 4) so some things are just a no-no. For a night out, an example of what I may wear could be smart black jeans, statement top, heels and accessorised with an amazing bag and jewellery. For comfy daytime, relaxed jeans and a loose top.

I think if pushed, Id probably say I lean towards classic, smart dressing. I don’t like feeling scruffy. (except pyjamas, I blooming love being in my pj’s, dont judge) I absolutely adore anything that Victoria Beckham designs (although could probably never afford to buy any of it), and love her style. I think Next and Monsoon are always great for their pricepoint, and their quality is reliable. Alternativly, If I were to walk into a Karen Millen store, I could always spend a small fortune and again, I would say that they lean towards a classic look. I like well thought out details and quality fabrics, a good handbag (obviously, Im an addict) and fab pair of shoes. This coupled with my dislike of regular clothes shopping means Im probably the ideal candidate for a capsule wardrobe dont you think?

So, a few items on my wishlist this Autumn as I start to perhaps, try to put this new knowledge I have aquired (thanks bloggerland and Pinterest) are the following;

Good quality white shirt/top  –

You cant go wrong with a crisp, white shirt in Autumn can you. I love white tops at the best of times, (my sons reckon I have far too many) so always love a good shirt. I love the look of these ones

Pretty Little Thing @ Next top – £22                          Monsoon Irina Top – £45

White longline corset shirt, New Look – £19.99

Comfortable Black Boots –

For shopping, walking all day but also smart enough to go for lunch in. I dont have any good black boots at the moment and these have caught my eye. My dream boots are the Chloe Susanna boot, but unless I sell a lung, I wont be getting those anytime soon!

Jigsaw Jessen Boots – £185                                    Office Multi Buckle Boot – £88                  KG Dilly Boot – £150


Blazers –

A good fitting blazer is I think, a perfect piece to have as the warmer months cool down and you need something over your top, but not a coat yet. I think they smarten up casual jeans too. These look fab

Oasis Bell Sleeve Blazer – £46                     Maison Scotch Olive Blazer – £159.95              Next Soft Blazer – £35


Faux Leather Skirt –

I think a tan, berry or black faux leather skirt in Autumn is gorgeous. Whether its London lunches or evening dining, they can hit the mark. Teamed with ankle boots or heels, you can adapt this skirt with accessories to suit the required look.

Karen Millen Faux Leather – £99                                                              Next Faux Knee Length Skirt – £22


Daytime Bag –

Of course, I will be after a new bag. Its written into my life rules. I do have a lot of bags, and I havent bought one for a little while, so Im on the look out. I have loads in my sights, literally tons, but the following are probably the more realistic and practical. I do spend a lot of money on bags, its my thing, but there are many, many affordable bags around I love too (Zara, Next and Debenhams always have great quality, affordable bags). These are just a few of my lusted after ones at the moment.

ViVienne Westwood Balmoral Flap – £395              Chloe Nile – £1055               Aspinal of London Small Lottie £425


Fossil Rumi Crossbody Bag – £129                                                               Ted Baker Large Shoulder Bag – £199


I would also be looking for some lightweight, thin knit jumpers, a couple of cashmere jumpers, a good winter coat and some loafers. Oh and some new gold jewellery, I prefer gold in the cooler months. My capsule wardrobe could be a tad bigger than the inventor of capsule wardrobes intended……………

If this way of shopping appeals to you, some good info can be found on the subject at the following;

The Anna Edit    – A fabulous blogger and Youtuber full of great ideas and tips

Unfancy  –  Literally a capsule wardrobe hero. She went a whole year on 37 items of clothing…….

Rock My Style   –   Has her own take on the capsule wardrobe, which I like



Id love to hear what your views are on capsule wardrobes. Is it something that appeals to you? Do you already shop this way? Any tips? 

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8 responses to “Finding My Style – Autumn Wish List”

  1. I think that owning good pair of Chelsea boots and really chic bag is essential for every outfit. If your accessories look good quality and luxurious, your whole outfit is put together and it looks amazing. Lovely post dear. xx

    • kerrylifeandloves says:

      Thank you! I agree, good quality accessories can make or break an outfit cant they. Im really paying attention to the details xx

  2. highstreetbeauty11 says:

    Yes, I am completely with you on this one, Kerry. I am not a person who needs the same top in 6 colours in their wardrobe, I just wear staples depending on the season. Love the look of those bags and boots! xxx

  3. Katherine Harper says:

    Oh my gosh I love this post!I would love to have a capsule wardrobe!The whole idea appeals to me so much but I do love shopping and Primark is my downfall (2 blazers purchased last week)!I feel like after reading this though I need to seriously think about it. All of the items you have shown look gorgeous and you’re so right-classic items that are a bit more expensive but last must be the way forward!I cant wait to see how you get on!:-) xxxx

    • kerrylifeandloves says:

      Honestly, the more I read about it the more Im convinced it was made for me haha. Iv so far wrote a list of what I think I need. Im being really picky too and making sure things fit perfect. So many times I buy stuff that dosent fit right just because “it will do”. Im excited by the concept, I will keep you informed! (Oh and make up shopping I have no restraint. Zero. None)

  4. kaybe610 says:

    Those are some fab items Kerry! I love the Maison Scotch Blazer… and of course the Chloe bag but that’s just a tad expensive ;-( great affordable bag from Fossil though!
    Love, kathleen

    • kerrylifeandloves says:

      Thank you Kathleen. I know, the Chloe bag is on my wish list, but pretty unlikely! Id have to be on Santa’s really, really good list. Thanks for stopping by xx

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