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Lancome Custom Highlight Drops – yep, highlighter on an over 40!

February 15, 2018

So, those of you that have been with me for a while, know that I regualy stick my fingers up to the make up rules that we are all meant to follow. Despite being in my 40’s,  I love a glitter eye, I love a bit of contour, and cream eyeshadows….. give me them by the bucket full. I think anyone, of any age, can wear what the flippin hell they like, and look bloody fabulous. We just wear it in a way that suits us.

Having said that, I know many of us ladies out of our 20’s, can feel a little bit scared of the dreaded highlighter. I think in part, this is because we have all seen the constant stream of Instagram gals with their mega watt strobe highlight, shining like a beacon. Well, as your self proclaimed Fairy-Glow-Mother, I would say cautiously, perhaps that degree of off the scale level of highlight should perhaps be left to the youngun’s. We could still wear the same products, just in a more subtle way. (unless your into that mega strobe, if thats your bag, glow on my beauties, glow on)

I personally, prefer a more subtle sheen, so I was intrigued and excited when the Personal Stylist and PR team at Intu Lakeside, arranged a VIP night with the Lancome girls from Boots, and an invite dropped into my inbox. The event was called An Evening With Lancome, and it was to introduce us to the new **Custom Highlight Drops that were recently launched by the brand.

On arrival, we were greeted with a very welcome glass of prosecco, spritzed with a waft of the gorgeous La vie Est Belle signature scent by Lancome, which I then bought as it is beautiful (full details here) and shown through to where the Lancome ladies were all set up. Two big tables full of products (love heart eyes emoji) were spread out in all their glory.  Being the make up addict that I am, I was desperate to get over there and start playing, but I controlled myself! We were having a Lancome masterclass, so I knew I would get to see all the products in action. Cool your engines there Kerry, ease up….

We were introduced first to the Custom Highlight Drops. The idea of these drops, is that they can be used in multiple ways, to give you your desired level of glow and highlight. There are four colours available, Champagne,(silvery pink)  Rose Glow, (pinky gold) Golden Glow (warm gold) and Bronze Glow (darkest of the four). You can see full details right here.

The suggested ways of using them that appealed to me were all probably more the natural ways to get my glow on. It was suggested to put a drop into your usual moisturiser and massage in to create a subtle, healthy glow, to add a couple of drops to your foundation base to create a dewy, glowing base, or to apply directly onto the areas of the skin that you would like to highlight, patting on with the fingers for a more subtle glow, or using a brush if you want to G.L.O.W. I have shown the swatch on my wrist because, yep, as is my rubbish technical knowledge, I still haven’t mastered taking photos of make up on my face without it washing out! 2108 goal right there………

I have been playing about with the drops since I got them, and I have so far tried all three methods. I really like mixing a couple of drops with my foundation and using it as a glowy base. When I use this method I finish with a dusting of setting powder over my forehead, nose and chin, (no one needs shiny skin there) and the overall look is one of healthy skin. I was also surprised to find that I really like a small amount of the drops patted over the high point of my cheek bones and a tiny bit on my brow bone. I thought I would find it to much, but its gorgeous. I showed this look on my Instagram stories and people complimented me on it, so, bonus! I think the colour that was recommended to me, (**Rose Glow), is probably perfect for my skin tone, so that helps.

The event continued with us being treated to a full make up masterclass by the fabulous Lancome Ladies, which was brilliant. Lots of hints and tips were shared, and we all agreed that we learnt something. I mean, we even did facial yoga! Yep, thats a thing and I personally, think we all looked amazing and beautiful, gurning away like a good’un………

Just as a side note – I was surprised to learn that Intu Lakeside offer a full, complimentry personal shopper service. I cannot believe I never knew this! The beautiful Carlene, lakeside’s stylist and personal shopper, was on hand at the event to tell us all about the service, as well as making us all feel so comfortable and at ease. She has such a warm, friendly personality that even the shyest and most unconfident of people cant fail to feel amazing with her. I have never been to see a stylist or personal shopper, (I know, I know, hard to believe with my pyjama chic vibe I have perfected, but that’s all my own styling people) but I felt so comfortable with Carlene, I am booking in. I will fill you all in on how that went another time.  The team worked so hard to look after us all, it was a lovely night.

So, what do you think? My overall conclusion is that I think these drops are brilliant. The versatility of how they can be used is my biggest tick. I used the “in the foundation” method as a no make-up make-up look the other day, and even my youngest son said my skin looked good. From a critical, nearly 16 year old boy, that is a compliment!

Are you into highlighting? Are you a full on glow-getter (see what I did there, genius) or a more subtle Susan? Do the idea of these little drops of loveliness appeal to you? Oh and if highlighting scares you,trust me,  if this ole 44 year old can get away with it, anyone can! 

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22 responses to “Lancome Custom Highlight Drops – yep, highlighter on an over 40!”

  1. I would like to give highlighters a try, but the fact that my teenager is addicted to them kind of puts me off. Do love a glittery eyeliner though, the more often the better.

    • kerrylifeandloves says:

      Hi Joanne, thanks for popping over x. I know exactly what you mean, I had the same preconceptions. I also worried about me getting it totally wrong and looking sweaty as opposed to dewy haha! The subtleness of these are great, and I have also found the Charlotte Tilbury one is subtle too. Worth a try for sure x. Thanks for reading x

  2. Lise says:

    I’m not too much into highlighting, but drops like these sound so easy to use, and very universal since they can be mixed into pretty much anything x

    • kerrylifeandloves says:

      Totally gey where you are coming from Lise, im the same. You are right, its the versatility on how you can wear them makes them appeal. Thank you for reading xxx

  3. New Life Fresh You says:

    Is a very useful post. I never tried Lancôme products. But reading this made me think about it. I will probably try some Lancôme products this weekend, especially the drops you are talking about. X

    • kerrylifeandloves says:

      Ah thats great, I really hope you like them. I love finding new products to try from blog reading, so Im thrilled that it inspires you to try something new xx Thank you so much for your comment x

  4. It seems like every brand by now did highlighting drops, it’s a huge trend right now. I love highlighter and I go heavy with it, I would probably use this mixed with foundation for dewy look. xx

    • kerrylifeandloves says:

      Yes Azra, I think you are The Queen of the highlight, you always wear it so well! I think you would look gorgeous with the Champagne colour that they do. Let me know if you end up trying them xx Thanks for reading

  5. Karalee says:

    I am not a fan of highlighting because I feel like most highlighters make me look like a disco ball (not a good combination with oily skin), but I will have to look into these drops since they can be used for a more subtle glow!

    • kerrylifeandloves says:

      Ohhhh Karalee I hear you! That was always my fear as usually, my skin can be a little oily. (its as dry as the desert at the moment, since I had the flu) but Im really enjoying this ones glow. I wore it today, just applied over my cheekbones (you may be able to see it on my Instastories) its quite subtle, no disco ball in sight haha! xx

  6. What a wonderful evening and it sounds like a great highlighter. You shine on like a glowing become of awsoawe! You were highligherh better than I ever could xo

    • kerrylifeandloves says:

      Hahaha! Well I am stil finding my way with it, but I am liking it! Subtle is the key for me. It really was a a lovely evening, a real treat x Thank you for popping over to read xx

  7. I’m in my late twenties, and I think a lot of young people who use highlighter go far overboard with it- it should be a slight highlight to accentuate your features, not the blinding the streaks that have become so common!! I think done properly, highlighting is for all. And Lancome is such a fantastic brand!!

    • kerrylifeandloves says:

      Yes it seems to be a real trend to bling right up. I think if thats your thing, shine on, but sometimes less is more. You are so right, the key is done properly x Thank you for your comment xx

  8. Fatimah says:

    These sound amazing, but definitely not on my budget at the moment xx


    • kerrylifeandloves says:

      Ohhh I know exactly what you mean. I have been on a make up spending ban. I tend to save up my loyalty points at Boots to buy the more expensive items. Those points really mount up! Thank you so much for popping over and reading xx

  9. The shades look looovely and I’ve been meaning to pick up some highlighter drops to play with! I feel like I’m pretty oily as it is, so the all-over sheen might not be for me but these sound like they work well as a normal highlighter on the tops of cheekbones etc etc. Sounds like you had a lovely night, you lucky thang xxx

    • kerrylifeandloves says:

      Ahh it really was a lovely night, I felt very lucky. Its my first experience with a liquid highlighter, so it was a bit scary at first. I think my most used way with them will be mixing a little in with my foundation for a no make up make up look. Thanks for your comment lovely xx

  10. briannamarielifestyle says:

    Gorgeous highlighters! I will have to check them out 🙂
    Brianna | http://briannamarielifestyle.com/

  11. lifewithmrst says:

    I love highlights but as I’ve got older I have moved away from glittery, tin man highlight to a more subtle highlight.

    • kerrylifeandloves says:

      Hahah, Tin Man highlighter, i LOVE that description. Yes I am with you, less is more. I love a glittery eyeshadow, but not so keen on anything glittery on my face like bronzers etc. I wore this one last night mixed in with my foundation and it worked well. Thank you for reading, and thank you for that great description! xx

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