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Mini Charlotte Tilbury Haul – Eyes and Lips

February 22, 2018

I have aquired a few new bits from Charlotte Tilbury lately, so thought I would share them with you in the same post. I have a weakness when it comes to Charlotte Tilbury eye shadows and lip sticks, I have no will power when it comes to the brands counters. My only saving grace is that as yet, there is no Charlotte Tilbury concession in Lakeside, which is my nearest shopping centre………….

Lets look at what I got.

Golden Goddess Eyeshadow Quad

I will give you a minute to feat your eyes on this little beauty………..

Charlotte Tilbury Golden Godess

Ok, pretty eh? Its a palette of golden gorgeousness, I know.

My husband chose and bought this for me for Christmas, and I was so surprised that he chose so well. I also kept giggling at the thought of him at the Charlotte Tilbury counter, swatching all the shadows……….

Any of you that have seen rare photos of my face on my Instagram, would know that I am fair skinned with blue eyes. These colours in this quad are blooming perfect for me! I tend to like natural colours on my eyes, and golds, nudes, champagnes, browns and greys tend to be my go-to’s. I dont need to tell you again about my love of shimmer in an eyeshadow, thats a given. I love a nude eye with liner for the day, something a little more smokey for a night out. I have worked with this palette for a few weeks now, and find that I can create a day and a night eye with the four colours, win win!

As with all of the Charlotte Tilbury kits, they are designed to give you more than one look. Starting at top left, you have the lightest colour to prime the eyelid, the top right is next to enhance and give some depth, under that is the colour designed to make the look a little smokey, then bottom left is for the pop of a little sumink sumink…. Gorgeous!

Obviously, you can use all four colours for a real go for it glam look, or simply choose your desired look with the top two for “desk” look, right hand side two for “dusk” look then the bottom two for “disco”  Clever eh! I have a couple of these palettes now, (you can see the review of the Uptown Girl palette right here) and the formulation and pigment never fails to deliver. They blend beautifully and a stay put. I do use a tiny bit of the Urban Decay eyeshadow Primer first, as my eyelids can be a little oily sometimes. I love these little quads, and have made it my lifes mission to collect them all……

Charlotte Tilbury full face of make up

Golden Goddess palette, top two colours used and Bitch Perfect Lippy

Limited Edition English Beauty Matte Revolution

Im getting myself quite the little collection of lippes from CT now! The formula for these matte lipsticks is such a winner. Non drying, no crumbling on the lips like a snake shedding its skin, just comfortable loveliness. Browsing the Charlotte Tilbury website, ( ok, ok, So I know I said there is no store near me which helped me not get tempted, so online shopping is not really using my will power, but….)  I saw that they had a few limited edition products launched, as well as online only items. Whaaattttttt!? Why didnt I know this! I spotted the English Beauty lippy straight away, as its my cup of tea. A pinky nude, matte formulation. The lipstick was also presented in a limited edition box, covered with a London map and Union Jack illustration, which was a nice change. Its the perfect shade of nude for me, as I dont like my nudes to be too peachy. I have been wearing this a lot lately for nights out. Smokey eye and a nude lip is one of my favourite combinations, its my play it safe make up look. Other online lippy beauties I spotted were The Duchess – A pretty tea-rose pink,  Legendary Queen – A soft, neutral Wine, Opium Noir – A striking dark berry and various lip cheat pencils. There are also a few limited edition products and money saving combo’s of products available online, so always worth having a look.

Charlotte Tilbury Lipsticks

charlotte Tilbury lipsticks

Bitch Perfect Lipstick from the K.I.S.S.I.N.G range

I had to chuckle when I bought this lipstick. When I asked for it, the lady on the counter told me that despite it being a gorgeous colour, some people turned her down on her suggestion of it as they didnt like the name! I dont think that deeply about my make up, so this perfect bitch came home with me haha! This is the first lipstick that I have purchased from the kissing range. Light diffusing pigments give these colours a slightly reflective finish, and the formula is very hydrating and protecting. Now, despite me saying that Im not a fan of a peachy nude (or a nude peach oohhhh-errrrr) I LOVE this one. It is described as a peach nude, but its not an orangey or dirty peach colour, if that makes sense. I love this colour pressed onto my lips as opposed to swiped on, as I find I like the soft look it gives. A great lippy for a natural daytime look, its another win for me from the brand.

Lip Cheat Pencil in Love Trap

I have been looking for a pencil to go with my Charlotte Tilbury Very Victoria lipstick, so when I saw that this new colour was recommended to be used with Vicky (yeah, I shorten names, even my lippy, bit weird?) I had to pick one up. I havent tried any of the lip cheat pencils before, but now understand why they have such a following. The pencils, if you havent tried them, are really soft, almost crayon like. They glide onto the lip, rather than feeling a bit hard. I love the colour of this one, a browny, taupe nude, and have used it all over my lips with a bit of lip balm over the top a fair few times. It goes great with my Vicky lippy, so I pair it with that too. There is again, an online exclusive pairing of the Vicky lip and pencil (linked here for you) that saves a couple of pounds. Every little helps! Im impressed with these, I even think I prefer the formula to Mac pencils. Being as Charlotte Tilbury is a cruelty free brand, I will be be phasing my Mac out and these beauties in.

Charlotte Tilbury lip and eye mini haul

So, thats it! My little mini haul, adding to my ever growing collection. I was pretty late to the party with Charlotte Tilbury, and I only actually discovered the brand about a year or so ago. They have fast become one of my favourite brands and Im enjoying exploring them.

I havent tried any of their base products yet, so if you have any recommendations for me, fire away. Have you tried any of these items? Got anything on your wish list from the brand? Anything you have tried that you are sitting there thinking, “Kerry, You need **** in your life”  ?? As ever, let me know your thoughts in the comments xxx

Charlotte Tilbury – K.i.s.s.i.n.g Lipstick – B*tch Perfect • Charlotte Tilbury • £23
Charlotte Tilbury – Lip Cheat Lip Liner – Love Trap • Charlotte Tilbury • £16
Charlotte Tilbury – Luxury Palette Colour-coded Eye Shadows – The Golden Goddess • Charlotte Tilbury • £38
Charlotte Tilbury – Lip Cheat Lip Liner – Pillow Talk • Charlotte Tilbury • £16

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13 responses to “Mini Charlotte Tilbury Haul – Eyes and Lips”

  1. Haha I’m a perfect bitch as well, or at least I have that lipstick too! I also have one of the cream shadow pots and it’s lovely.

    • kerrylifeandloves says:

      Your are the loveliest Perfect Bitch I know then haha! Its such a pretty colour isnt it. Perfect for spring I think. Thanks for sharing my adoration of Charlotte Tilbury xxxx

  2. Enjoy your products – CT is always so luxurious!

  3. All of these are so pretty, I’m totally in love. Love the lipstick shade, but eye shadow palette is just stunning. xx

    • kerrylifeandloves says:

      Thank you so much for reading xx. The eyeshadow quads are amazing, and I love how versatile they are. I wore it quite smokey on Friday and it was gorgeous. i appreciate your comment, thank you xx

  4. Janis says:

    Ooh Kerry I really love the look of the eyeshadow palette, I tend to use those colours myself and whilst I tend to go for a bold lip colour Im loving the look of Bitch Perfect. Think it might be time for a change of lip colour for me! xx

    • kerrylifeandloves says:

      Janis thank you for reading xx. Its so gorgeous eh! Im loving the thought of Nik at the counter trying them all haha! Im going to be brave and buy a bold lippy next, you will have to suggest some to me xx

  5. I love the golden goddess palette, its the first CT one I owned and i constantly go back to it. I love the glitter shadow, it lasts forever! xxx

  6. I have the Pillow Talk lipstick but I soooo want more things;-)I have the Iconic palette on my wishlist, about a thousand lippies and I would love to try the Eyes To Mesmerise pots. That eyeshadow palette though!!!It’s just amazing you lucky gal;-)xxxx

    • kerrylifeandloves says:

      Ohhhh Im with you, I want some of the eyes to Mesmerise pots, the pigment is meant to be amazing! I mentioned on Instagram yesterday that Im looking to push myself out of my comfort zone with lip colour, I fancy a berry or coraly red. I literally cant get enough of them haha. Thank you for popping over for a read lovely lady xxx

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