Permission to Pause – with The Natural Wellness Box

The very first time that I entered a beauty treatment room, was when I had been paid my first full months wage from my job with Lloyds Bank. I was 16, and a full months wage hitting my bank account felt like a kings ransom. Mr Fairchild, my very stern and very posh manager, handed my wage slip to me, and glancing down and seeing the amount I had earnt, momentarily quashed my fear that I had for my manager, and I was floating away in my head imagining all the things I could now do with this huge amount of money….. Of course, the money was spent within a week, (and I did learn a lesson that first month), but one of the things I did have was my very first facial.

In this, my first “proper” job, my introduction into the full time working world, the girls that worked as cashiers were seen as The Ones. They were always immaculate and well presented, their nails manicured to perfection and their make up expertly applied. I was fascinated, slightly in awe, and eager to soak up all of their glam beauty hints and tips. One of the ladies, Fiona, used to tell us that she was going for her “professional facial”  (her words) when she left work on the Friday. A professional facial!  How amazing. Id watch her waft out of the huge revolving wooden doors of our building in Moorgate, knowing with certainty that I too would have a “professional facial” the first chance I had.

Permission to pause
Sadly not me having a facial, this is a stock image


My first facial was with a lovely lady called Joanne, that worked from a treatment room in her home. My wages didn’t stretch to a London salon, so I went to Joanne’s beautiful treatment room. Incredibly professional, Joanne talked me through what my facial would entail, spoke to me about how to look after my skin, and carried out my facial. It was bliss, and ignited my love of beauty treatments! Afterwards, Joanne, who had a holistic approach to beauty therapy, was talking through my after care. One of the things she told me and that has stayed with me forever, was that I should always, always, no matter how busy life got, make time to give myself a day a month of self care. She told me “Kerry, self care is not an option its a necessity. It is giving yourself permission to pause” (It was also Joanne that inspired me to become a skin and holistic therapist later on in my life) Iv always tried hard to remember Jo’s words, but recently, with all the chaos that has gone on in our lives, I had neglected this. I knew I was running on empty a little. I was needing to reconnect with myself, and show some kindness to me.

So, when I saw the Natural Wellness box that had been launched for Self Care September, I knew it was for me. I liked the idea of this companies products as they are all cruelty free and natural. I had also read my gorgeous blogging buddy Sam’s review of it, (from the Beauty Spyglass, check out her fabulous blog)  and saw it contained many things that were just perfect for my needs. I wanted to create a space. A little corner of my home to get my zen on.

I have been using a few of the items in my morning meditation since the box arrived last week. I light the aromatherapy candle, and let the scent fill the room while I set up my yoga mat, get my fluffy blanket, and get myself comfortable. Then, I inhale… Exhale…… Breathing deeply in. Releasing the breath out. The calming scent of the lavender candle washes over me. I feel my shoulders drop, my mind begins to steady. I then open the little pot of calm balm, and closing my eyes, gently massage it in to my temples. Circular movements, easing any tension in my head giving myself permission to pause. My breathing deepens, the intake of air making my chest expand, with every exhale of air, my body relaxing further. I start my meditation. You can read more about my journey with meditation in this post if you’d like to – Meditation and Mindfulness)

Permission to pause with the natural wellness box

I meditate from anywhere between 10 and 30 minutes. I feel this little ritual I have introduced really aids my ability to hold my meditation longer. Its almost like switching a switch, my brain knows its time to clear. When I have finished, I do some stretches, then make myself a big mug of tea. I got two tea bags of tea in the box. I love it. Its different to my usual mint or liquorice tea, but Im really enjoying it. I stay on my mat, enjoying the candle, wrapped in my blanket, enjoying my tea. Then I feel ready to get on with my day. This little ritual has been part of my “miracle morning” routine for a few months now, so the items that I got in my Natural Wellness box really fit in perfectly. I knew I would love it!

I bought the box as a one off, as I wanted to try it out. You have the option to do this, or you can subscribe to receive a box bi-monthly. I have given you a full run down of the entire contents of the box below. Each box has different contents, but they will all be great value for money. You also get 10% off your first order when you register to their newsletter. This is what I did, so my box cost £33.20, and the contents within it have a retail value of  around £80  I made a vow at the start of this year to only buy cruelty free products, (I’m also moving over to palm oil free, but thats a post for another time) so this has also been a great way for me to discover some new brands. My overall first impression of the box is a positive one. I would buy again when I like the look of the contents.

Permission to pause with Natural Wellness box

What was in September Natural Wellness Box

Celtic herbal Calm Candle – £5.50

This candle is a 100% natural soy wax candle, infused with pure lavender oil to calm and relax. This candle is not overbearing in any way, giving more of a ambient scent than a wall of scent. Lavender is known for its relaxing properties, so its a great one to light when you have time to be still.

Potion London – Eat Your Greens Supplement – £24

Packed full of beauty boosting, anti-ageing and antioxidant superfoods, this is one supplement that spoke to me. I am pretty good at eating my fruit and veg, (I am a vegetarian so good job really) but with ingredients like spirulina, kale and spinach packed into them, I relish the boost they will give me. I take one a day, so of course, its too soon for me to tell you if I feel like super woman yet (its only been a week) but Im going to make sure I take the full 2 months supply! Watch out Popeye, there is a new spinach eater in town….

Permission to Pause

Skin and Tonic London Calm Balm – £15

I love products like this. Little jars of magic that I can have in my handbag for when I need their calming wizardry. I massage a tiny bit into my temples and breatheeeee. This multi use balm is packed full of fabulous moisturising ingredients like Shea butter, and can be used in many ways. I have been using it in my yoga/meditation to aid my relaxation, but it can be used on dry skin, cuticles, elbows, anywhere you need a little tlc.

Juno Luxury Bath and Body Oil – £25

This bath oil really is luxurious, although maybe a little pricey to buy by itself, with the 200ml coming in at £49 (you got 100ml in the box). Having said that, you don’t need much in the bath and it really is beautiful. I do love it, and will add it to my bath as a treat now and again. The fabulous scent of Neroli envelops you when poured into the bath, and I adore that scent. I also love that the name Juno was given to this brand as Juno is the Goddess that protects all women.

Permission to Pause

Aduna Relaxing Super Tea – £4.99 for 15 bags

I love my tea. You all know this about me. I also love things like peppermint tea, which is what I usually have after meditation. This relaxing tea has chocolatey cacao, a hint of cardamom and then laced with soft cinnamon. Warming, aromatic and delicious, it has been a nice change to my mint tea.

Squirell Sisters raw Vegan Energy Bar – £1.60

I may or may not have ripped this open to eat the day the box arrived… I then had to put the breaks on to get a photo of it as I had forgotten that I wanted to review it for you. Its food. you know me and food. I get excited! This was delicious. Coconut and cashew nuts combine to make this a tasty, power packed healthy snack. It was also surprisingly filling. Yum!

Permission to Pause with Natural Wellness Box

Chobbs Rice Bran Face Masque – £4.20  (I couldnt find a link, sorry)

I love a sheet masque. In fact, I love any kind of face masque. This Korean brand source their products ethically and are passionate about organic heath. The masque fit nicely over my face, hugging the contours which, if you have tried sheet masques before, some don’t do! My skin felt incredibly refreshed after and stayed brighter fora couple of days. I liked it a lot.

My Verdict

I thought overall the box was good value for money. As I said, it cost me £33.20, but the contents are valued at around £80. The service was excellent too and delivery very quick. I think subscription boxes are great for trying new brands. This one in appealed to me more because the lady that started the brand, Catherine, has a huge passion for natural, chemical free beauty, something I too am very keen to learn more about. I will use everything in the box, which is great as there is nothing wasted.


Thanks for coming for a little walk down memory lane with me. Do you too need reminding to give yourself permission to pause? How do you relax? So, what do you think of this box? Do you use any of the subscription boxes? Are there others that you could recommend to me that are ethical, natural etc? If you had received this box, would you have thought it value for money? As always, Im keen to hear your views x. 




    • kerrylifeandloves
      October 4, 2018 / 9:44 am

      Thank you so much. You enjoy the Autumn changes too lovely, it’s my favourite xxx

  1. October 4, 2018 / 9:38 pm

    What a lovely morning ritual you have Kerry! Such a positive way to start the day and wow what a great box, I’l have to check it out x

    • kerrylifeandloves
      October 4, 2018 / 10:24 pm

      Its a nice way to start the day, thats for sure. I give it full credit for clearing my head and getting clarity. It makes me really listen to myself, if that makes sense? Thank you for popping across xxxx

  2. October 13, 2018 / 10:41 pm

    What an interesting little box of tricks. I’m sold on the Lavender! Enjoy these Kerry xx

    • kerrylifeandloves
      October 14, 2018 / 4:50 pm

      Thank you Laurie. Its fab because there’s not an item that I would’nt use. Thats pretty unusual isn’t it! xx Thank you for reading xx

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