A Travel Tale – Seeing Whales in Australia

seeing whales in australia
The beautiful Hump back Whale

I have always felt a real connection to the ocean. It calms me, makes me feel a strong, grounded in nature feeling. I love the ocean in all weathers, and can sit and watch it for hours! Nik and I have always talked about retiring somewhere that is near to the coast. Thats the dream…. I have spoken to you before about my love of the sea in this post, Swimming With Sharks on The Great Barrier Reef, so wanted to share with you another retro, back-in-the-day travel moment that cemented my love of the ocean, seeing whales in Australia.

This post is in Collaboration with Claudia Bradby and the launch of their beautiful Seascape collection. A gorgeous range for us travel lovers.

seeing whales in australia
I love the ocean in all weathers and at all times

When we were backpacking in our 20’s, I used to handwrite a letter at least once a month to my parents. In these letters I would tell them our latest adventures, recent places we had seen and just general traveling life. I wanted to try to help them visualise what I was doing, and share with them how I was living my dream of seeing the world. I knew it was hard for them to let me go at such a young age, so wanted to share as much as I could with them. I recently unearthed these letters and had a read of them. It was weird to have a conversation with 19/20/21 year old me! It was also fantastic to read the details of not only how I felt at that moment in real time, but it made me remember how I felt with each experience.

seeing whales in australia
Im so glad I have my letters to look back at

A moment that will stay in my mind for ever, was seeing hump back whales in Australia. I had wanted to see whales and dolphins out in the ocean for as long as I could remember, and seeing them this particular day was so unexpected. It was a grey, over cast day. It had been threatening rain and slightly choppy seas so we were all dreading the boat ride out to the reef a little. Not ideal conditions for reef exploring, but we went on regardless. We were in Coral Bay, Australia, and was going out on the ocean, learning about the Ningaloo Reef. We were going to do some snorkelling and general swimming around the reef, so were sailing on our way out to it.

seeing whales in australia
On our way back from the reef

About 20 minutes into the journey, the magic happened. All of a sudden, to the right of the boat, two huge hump back whales gracefully arched out of the water. As they rose, the hiss of them expelling air sounded so loud, and their breath sent a jet of water sky high. Weirdly, there was not much sound as these whales crashed back into the water, the ocean closing over them and swallowing them again. There was just ripples and a little white frothing of the waves where they returned to their watery home. (I apologise for the quality of the next photo. Bare in mind this was 20 years ago when cameras were not what they are now!)

My initial reaction to seeing these beautiful whales? I burst into tears! I was so overcome with emotion at seeing these amazing mammals right there, no more than 25 foot away, that I cried. I watched, with tears streaming down my face, as a whole pod of whales gave us an ariel and ocean display for about 10 minutes. Rising high up out of the water, crashing back down into the sea. Young, small whales following close by the bigger wales, already graceful in its own acrobatic ability. I was genuinely speechless. Even now, I still remember that I felt so grateful, and felt so lucky that I had this moment.

Watching the whales continue on their journey, me scanning the horizon until they were completely out of sight, I found my voice again. I just turned to Nik and said “wow”. That was it, that was all I had to say. I was giddy with the excitement of what we had just seen. We continued our own journey on the boat, lost in our own thoughts and suddenly aware of how tiny we were on that ocean with its graceful giants living underneath us. It was incredibly humbling, and notched my love for the ocean and its inhabitants up another level.

seeing whales in australia

Recently, one of my favourite jewlery brands, (Claudia Bradby, you would know my love of them if you have been around a while here) got in touch and told me they were launching a range of pieces inspired by the ocean, I felt it was a good fit to collaborate with them on. I decided that sharing a tale of how the ocean inspires me, would be fitting.

seeing whales in australia
I have my eye on this necklace too

The piece that I chose from the range, and that I was kindly gifted, was earrings that Claudia was inspired to design, by the crest of the waves. That twist and roll back on itself that the wave does before rushing towards the beach with its white frothy cap. As soon as I saw them I knew they represented my love of the ocean as well as my love of a boho, summer feel.

seeing whales in australia
the curve of the wave

These earrings are available in silver too, but I loved them in gold. I have a vision of a flowing white dress, tan accessories and these earrings. Perfect summer, long balmy nights vibes! Its perfect. A range of jewellery inspired by the sea? It could have been made for me! You can see the full range here.

I would love to hear about how you feel about the sea? Also what you think of the Seascape collection? Are you in awe of the ocean like me, or slightly scared of it? Do you like to swim in the sea? I am facinated that there is a whole world under the ocean, that we have only touched the tiniest amount of, do you share my fascination? As ever, I would love to know your thoughts.

seeing whales in australia
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    • kerrylifeandloves
      May 28, 2019 / 8:27 pm

      Ohhh it was honestly one of the most memorable experiences of my life.bThank you Ingrid x

  1. May 30, 2019 / 10:32 am

    That’s so wonderful that you have those letters to look back on. The earrings are stunning, I can see why you choose them x

    • kerrylifeandloves
      May 30, 2019 / 11:56 am

      The letters have been so great to look through. Its strange how you forget the little details, but they flood back reading them. They are pretty. Just so summery and unlike anything I already have. Thanks for reading x

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