Wulf and Lamb Vegan Restaurant with a Non-Vegan

wulf and lamb vegan restaurant

Hi, Im kerry and I have an addiction to vegan burgers…… Seriously, I just cannot choose anything else when I go to a fully vegan restaurant, other than the burgers, (you can read about my burger at the most Instagramable restaurant Kalifornia Kitchen here) Now, this could be because the supermarket vegan burgers are not the best, but whatever the reason, I feel like they are becoming my speciality! The “Wulf Burger” offered by Wulf and Lamb vegan restaurant is pretty blooming gorgeous. But, Im ahead of myself, let me tell you all…

A vegan restaurant with a non-vegan

I feel I should tell you a little about my husband to start with, who was my lunch date for this particular venue. I was a little concerned about going to a vegan restaurant with a non vegan! Nik is a meat eater. He isn’t at the point where he thinks he is hard done by if he doesn’t have something dead on his plate, but almost. They say opposites attract..? Sitting in a cute little cafe in Pimlico one morning, enjoying a latte, we decided that we would try somewhere different for lunch, somewhere neither of us have tried before. Im a food lover, so of course I have things in place to help me find food at any given moment…..One of the weapons in my arsenal is the Happy Cow app, so I swiftly whipped it out to find restaurant details. Now, if you don’t know what the Happy Cow app is, its an app that tells you where your nearest vegan and vegetarian restaurants are from your destination. Genius eh! Its been a life saver on staycations and mini breaks! Anyway, I digress….

non vegan at a vegan restaurant
Tables are set out spaciously

When I saw that my long time lusted after restaurant Wulf and Lamb was not that far from where we were, I slipped it into the lunch venue suggestions as Nik was distracted wrestling with his sugar satchel for his coffee… I had wanted to try that particular restaurant for ever. A vegan restaurant with a non vegan can work if we are a little sparse with details right? I mean, they do burgers…..I felt Nik didn’t need to now at this stage that it was totally plant based. Why bog him down with details……

Venue agreed, we put the destination into google maps and off we went. Wulf and Lamb is situated in Chelsea, but in a quiet little mews (its a gorgeous little mews, lovely independent shops) off of the main road. Sloane Square area is just two minutes away and the nearest tube station is actually Sloane Square on the Circle or District line. The mews we were heading to is tucked away behind Peter Jones store, and even though I know the area pretty well, I had never been down the mews. Its a blink and you could miss it place, so keep your eyes peeled if you go. It is also worth noting a couple of other things; you cannot book a table unless you are a large group, and they are a cashless business. Card payments only.

non veagan at a vegan restaurant
Beautiful cup of mint tea

We were seated straight away in the upstairs part of the restaurant, so the no booking system seems to work fine. You make your selection from the menu, then order at the counter downstairs. You order is of course brought to you, but there is no waitresses taking your order. This seems to be in a lot of modern places in London now. Is that a trend?? I ordered a mint tea, Nik had a cold drink and they were brought over quickly. The table we sat at looked down over the mews and I loved it.

vegan restaurant with a non vegan
roomy seating

The restaurant is set out with plenty of room around the tables. One of my pet hates is sitting eating on top of the table next to you so I was happy about that. Bright and airy, with a lovely outside area looking down over the courtyard garden, the setting was perfect. Being off of the main roads, it was surprisingly quiet. The middle of one of the busiest parts of London, yet it was quiet and calm.

non vegan to a vegan restaurant
The outside courtyard

Lets get onto food! I was a little torn between the burger and the green curry. In the end, I of course chose a burger. Nik, the realisation now sinking in that quite clearly, he had been tricked into attending a hippy commune where we were all going to try to convert him to eating plants only and plaiting each others hair, (I of course say that tongue in cheek, he knows we only do that of a Tuesday). Nik chose the same burger as me as the fact it was a burger was “familiar” . Two Wulf burgers for table Hawkins it is then!

vegan restaurant with a non vegan

The Wulf burger is legendary. It was the meal that I was told about that made me want to visit Wulf and Lamb. A seitan patty, topped with baby gem lettuce, tomato, pickles, red onion and a cashew aioli in a brioche bun, served with home made sauerkraut and wedges. We also had a slice of plant based cheese to ours. It was absolutely gorgeous and deserves its reputation. So tasty! Oh and what did my non-vegan companion think? He was in heaven. Loving the burger and was amazed that how much flavour was in it. We both agreed that we cannot recommend it enough. Yum!

vegan restaurant with a non vegan
The Wulf Burger – Food of champions

We were full by time we finished our burgers. Totally full. (Nik even realised that going to a vegan restaurant as a non vegan is ok. The sky does not fall in)! However………we felt it rude to not try the delicious looking cakes that we had spotted when we came in. Carrot cake for me, pecan and banana cake for Nik. I feel that I do not have to say anything more other than I have dreamt about that carrot cake since. In fact, I even contemplated jumping on the train into London last week, such was the call of the memory of that bit of cake. It was flipping amazing and you must try it if you are in the area. Even if you pop in for coffee and a slice…..Just bring me back some oookkaaayyyyyy!

vegan restaurant with a non vegan
carrot cake of dreams

So, Nik has been in a totally plant based restaurant and survived! Have you tried one? Do you do anything like “meat free Monday” etc? Do you thin you would dip your toe into the world of vegan restaurants even as a meat eater? I would love to know what you think?

vegan restaurant with a non vegan
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  1. June 6, 2019 / 5:53 pm

    Ah Kerry it looks wonderful there and so pleased you had a great experience. I’m not quite vegan but I have cut down massively on meat products and now always opting for organic too. I would have totally gone for the carrot cake as well – girl after my own heart! xx

    • kerrylifeandloves
      June 8, 2019 / 4:25 pm

      We had such a lovely meal. I’m trying to get nik to do a couple of meat free days s week, so I’m so happy he enjoyed it. The carrot cake was the cake of my dreams. It was soooooo good!

  2. June 8, 2019 / 12:31 pm

    It lokos fab here – the outside courtyard is beautiful. I’m not a fully fledged vegan but will quite often choose the vegan cake or the veggie option. Glad to hear Nik wasn’t completely lost without his meat!!
    Em x

    • kerrylifeandloves
      June 8, 2019 / 4:40 pm

      😂😂 he was very pleasantly surprised how good it was. He always says it surprises him how much flavour is in vegan food. I’m so happy restaurant’s are getting more adventurous than risotto!

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