25 Things To do While you Self-Isolate

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Adventures from your arm chair

It’s weird isn’t it. I work from home, so am pretty used to being in my house. In my day job, I work from a room in my garden three days a week with clients. Then, two or three days a week at my desk in my house. So I am pretty familiar with being home. However, being told that I cannot go out, seems to make my head spin. It is as if I cannot deal with this thought….despite being home a lot anyway…work that one out! So, for my own sanity as well as hopefully helping your’s, I have come up with some ideas to help us out. Oh, and none of them involve gin…shocker….

25 Things to do while you Self-Isolate

1- Read a Book

Obvious first one from me, reading. I absolutely love losing myself in a book. I am a prolific reader at the best of times, but my to-be-read shelf is bursting with stories waiting to be told. If you are a travel lover like me, then a little arm chair travel is on the cards right? This post, Books that inspire Travel is a good start. Snuggle up on the sofa, drink of choice in hand, and go on an adventure without leaving your home.

be kind to yourself and look after your emotional well being
take time to read, be cosy and be kind to yourself

2 – Online Courses

I love learning. I am a bit of a fan of online courses, so I plan on doing a few. I recently completed an SEO one, as well as binge watching all of the Tailwind YouTube Videos to ty to get my head round Pinterest. Lots of bloggers as well as job sites offer great courses for free of fairly inexpensive, so now could be a good time to brush up on some skills. If you wanted something a little larger to get your teeth into, why not try Open University I have always wanted to do my English Literature degree, maybe now is the time!

3 – Investigate Growing Your own veg

If you are with me on Instagram, you would know that I ventured into growing my own veg last year. I was chuffed to bits how well my first year went! I had a steady supply of rocket, spinach, lettuce and beetroot. I am planning on growing much more this year. Im a pro now dontcha know.. I grow my veg in a trug, and you would be amazed how little room you actually need. Why not look into growing a little veg of your own this year? If this pandemic has taught us anything, it is to not take for granted the supply of food in a crisis! I fully recommend this book for sound advice and how to start.

4 – Try a new Recepie

I confess to the fact I have eleventy million vegan cook books.Despite this vast collection, I am very limited in my cooking ability. But, I plan on improving my repertoire while trapped in the house. My kids are not the biggest fans of my non-vegan cooking, (they say my dinners are too random), but I can cook a good vegan meal. You never know, this could lead to Nik and the boys eating less meat long term. (I sound more confident about the result of my experimental cooking than I probably should…)

5 – Start A Miracle Morning

I am a huge fan of a morning routine that sets you up in the right frame of mind for the day. I read the Miracle Morning book while on retreat in France, and implemeted the ideas straight away. I do not do all of the steps that Hal tells us about in the book, but I have adapted it to fit my own life. I am an early riser, I love mornings, but you do not have to be! My current morning routine is;

  • Wake around 530.
  • Stand in my garden for about 10 minutes listening to the birds dawn chorus.
  • Drink a glass of home made lemon and ginger tonic.
  • Do a 10 minute Yoga with Adrienne class
  • Meditate for 15-30 minutes
  • Read my current non-fiction book for 15-20 minutes
  • Write down 5 things I am grateful for

Obviously, your morning can look different, as long as it gives you a positive frame of mind. It is about setting your energy and vibe to a positive one, right from waking up.

Ginger and Lemon tonic – Peel 150g of ginger. Grate the peeled ginger into a saucepan, add a litre of water and boil for 10 minutes. Leave to stand to cool. Pour the water through a sieve to remove the grated ginger. Add the juice of two lemons to the water and store in the fridge. Each morning put up to 100ml (depending on taste) into a mug and add warm water. Enjoy!

6 – Start A Yoga Practise

Even if a miracle morning does not appeal to you, I can not recommend enough, starting your day with gentle yoga. This year I started to get back into yoga and I have noticed the benefits already. I have a bad back, so have to be careful what I do, but YouTube has an abundance of yoga videos for all levels. I tend to concentrate on gentle ones that stretch my back out, but you can take your pick! I love Yoga with Adrienne.

making memories meditation retreat yoga class
Yoga was perfect

7 – Sort Your Photos

If you are like me, you will have thousands of photos stored somewhere. Up until recently, I had over 4000 photos on my phone. It was ridiculous! I finally got round to sorting cloud type storage, and tiding up my shiz! There is something satisfying about putting photos into albums and deleting the 67 copies of the same photo that you have stored. I use google photos. I edit the photo, put it in an album and get rid of those I will never use.

8 – Phone your friends

Life usually, is 100 miles an hour and busy! We are all guilty of sending a quick text or whattsapp message to our friends. Let’s go back to the 80’s and actually phone people. Pour a glass of wine, phone your bestie and have a good ole girly gossip and chat.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

9 – Watch funny films

I do not encourage anyone to sit and watch tv all day. However, the odd Netflix day or film binge hurts no one. Watch funny films that make your ribs ache with laughter. Watch films that uplift and give you all the warm feels. Some of my favourite funny films are Bridesmaids, The Hangover, Step Brothers, Grown Up’s and Meet The Fockers.

10 – Start a new hobby

I really wish I had a hobby. I read, and I write my blog, but I do not have a hobby as such. I used to make soy wax candles before Nik got ill. I still have all the stuff so I may re-start that hobby. I used to love creating and blending scents in my kitchen. It was almost like cooking! Why not have a think and start something new up?

11 – Sort Your Garden

If you have a garden, now is the time to get out there. Not only to do the jobs that you put off (I am looking at you weeding), but to get some fresh air. It is also pretty physical work, so will get your blood pumping. Tidy the borders, cut the grass, dig over the beds. Any jobs that will mean you can add some colour once we can get to garden centres and nurseries again. We will all be crying out for a bit of vibrant colour when this curfew ends!

12 – Create a Coffee Table Book

This is on my list. If you have read any of my travel posts, you already know my obsession with a sunrise. We have always said that we would like to get a beautiful coffee table book made up of sunrise’s. We have so many beautiful sunrise photo’s from our travels. It would be lovely to have them in a gorgeous book. Like a little memory walk through. You can do this on line with lots of companies. Snapfish do nice ones.

4 days in Budapest itinerary
Sunrise in Budapest

13 – Declutter

My journey into living more sustainably means I have slowly been decluttering my house over the last few years. We have so much stuff don’t we! It is incredibly therapeutic to clear out the clutter. Marie kondo was on to something when she called it the magic of tidying! It clears your mind somehow. I plan on doing my kitchen cupboards in the next week or so.

14 – Decorate

I do not mean full on renovations here. But, a little refresh. We have a junk room that I have been saying for a year I want to turn into a lovely, peaceful office and meditation room. I have my colour scheme, mood board done, the whole shebang! I just have not cleared the room so Nik can start decorating. This lockdown is my inspiration to get it cleared and ready for renovating. We are also going to touch up paintwork, re-paint my bathroom and paint the hallway.

Photo by Arnel Hasanovic on Unsplash Office Inspiration

15 – Be Inspired by Documentries

I am not really much of a TV watcher, (except a good series, I love a good series), but I do love an interesting documentary. My favourites tend to be about our planet, or crime type ones. Blue Planet is one of my absolute favourites, and I plan to re-watch those. There is also one called The Minimalists, which is about living a more simple life. That is on my list to watch. Ones I have enjoyed recently are Secret Scotland, Making a Murderer series 1 & 2, and Jack Whitehall Travels with my Father.

16 – Blog Admin

If you are the writer of a blog, now is the time for all that boring admin stuff. Fix broken links, maximise SEO on old posts, change up some images, create new pins for posts. All those jobs that we just put off when life is faster paced. Get them done.

17 – Change up your room set up.

Whether you are into the whole feung shui or not, there is something to be said for changing the furniture around. It can change the whole energy of a room. It is a good idea to have a little change up while restricted with our freedom. Those same four walls can feel different with a change around.

18 – Have a kitchen party.

Or any room. Get in your comfies, whack on your favourite playlist and dance like no one is watching. It is an instant mood lifter and energises you totally.

19 – Listen to Podcasts

I love a podcast. I go through stages in the genre I listen to, but I always have one on the go. Some of my favourites of the last few years are;

  • Sophie Cliff – Practical Positivity
  • Yoga Girl – Conversations From the Heart
  • UK True Crime
  • Fearne Cotton – Happy Place
  • The Lady Vanishes
  • Twins That Travel – Twin Perspective
  • Fake Heiress

20 – Get Outside

But remember your social distancing! If you are lucky to live near open places, get out for a walk every day. You must not be in busy or crowded places, but a walk in nature for me, is a must to keep my mental health well. It is good for you and revitalises your body and mind. Being out in nature is always very grounding and helps ease the mind. It has been proven! Many of us have dog’s, so get your dog up the woods (as long as we have no restrictions on us).

21 – Talk to each other

I have grown up sons. They work full time and leave the house early, often returning late. I am looking forward to long conversations, shared meals and hearing them. Even board games or film afternoons. This enforced time we have will give us all the opportunity to be there fully. In the moment and truly present.

22 – Life Admin

I know, I know, it’s boring. But now is the perfect time to unsubscribe from all those emails, look at switching energy suppliers, check your bank statments for anything that you do not need to be paying per month. All those little jobs that we put off until another day. Look into places you could make some pennies with things like online shopping cash back schemes etc. We could be coming into hard times economy wise, so why not see where/if you can save yourself some money!

23 – Spring Clean

For some reason, Easter is always the weekend I end up tearing my house apart in a cleaning frenzy. Why not start now? Do one room a day, and go through your house. Wash down your paintwork, clean those chandeliers, wash windows, clean blinds or shutters. Literally, start at the top of the room, (yep, with the ceiling and lights) and work down. It makes you feel so much better. There is nothing nicer than being in clean, fresh and clear surroundings is there. It makes you feel good.

24 – Write letters

I know email, text, voice notes are our preferred method of communication these days. But, how nice would it be to send your loved ones little snippets of joy through their letter box. We are all in the same boat, all having to be indoors. Write a letter to those you care about and make their day when they get it arrive on their door mat. It is like sending them a smile x

look after your emotional wellbeing reflecting on my blog year
Send a letter!

25 – Awaken your Creativity

Do whatever sets your soul on fire in a creative way. Whether that is adult colouring books, card making, writing, drawing. Have a go at doing something that engages the creative part of your brain. For me, writing is my outlet. Poetry in particular. I am not great at it, but I have books and books of poems I have written at various points in my life. I have also been writing a novel for 23 years. Well, I say writing a novel. I have two chapters and a million character profiles written. That is it. It has been that way forever! In December this year, I had a blast of inspiration for a children’s book that I would love to write. I have never thought about writing a book aimed at children, but my idea was so vivid, I feel I should. Maybe I will start that….!

We are going to be tested for sure these next few weeks/months. Life is going to be different for a while. Keeping your spirits up and your mind strong will help you through. Keeping busy is always good! I hope there are at least a couple of useful things here for you of things to do in self isolation. I tried to suggest things that will not cost money too! Please feel free to leave any suggestions you have in the comments. I the words of S Club 7, (I think), we are all in this together…..



  1. March 22, 2020 / 8:49 am

    I’m going to join in with the Yoga and the boring admin stuff! I will have the cleanest of building sites too! All work has had to stop on the house now 🙁

    • March 22, 2020 / 3:58 pm

      Yes I think our houses will be shining haha! Oh yes of course, I suppose building work has to stop. You especially wouldn’t want them in your house at the moment. We have to just keep thinking it will all be over soon. Got to keep the faith! xx

  2. Jean
    March 22, 2020 / 9:18 am

    Kerry I love this ideas list, I particularly like the one about miracle morning, to start the day off in a positive mindset really makes sense. You also reminded me about yoga, something I have always wanted to try but never have so this is a good time for me to kick that off. As for letter writing, SUCH A GOOD IDEA, i feel sad nobody writes letters anymore. At the moment I am putting together some little “hug cards” and sending to some of my friends who are in isolation and live on their own. So many good ideas in your list, it’s inspired me, glad I have read your blog this morning, what better, positive way to start my day. Cant wait to read your book by the way, get your pen to paper and write

    • March 22, 2020 / 4:01 pm

      Jean I am so glad you found it useful. Anything that helps us deal with this tricky time can only be a good thing can’t it. I love the sound of your hug cards, how lovely is that! Keep dong things that make you feel positive Jean, it will all be over soon. x

  3. March 22, 2020 / 4:23 pm

    Decluttering, spring cleaning and life admin – that’s where I’m taking your wonderful inspiration! I think if we all focus on getting something productive done over the course of a day, we’ll feel so much better about things xxx

    • March 23, 2020 / 10:30 am

      It has been so good to get stuck in to some jobs that we put off isnt it. I am looking to try and do my bathroom today. Touch up the paintwork and get it all fresh. Always a silver lining in these things.

      • March 25, 2020 / 10:55 am

        That’s definitely the right attitude – love it! xx

  4. March 24, 2020 / 11:32 am

    Fantastic ideas Kerry! I must admit I’ve got that much to do I’m loving just having TIME. Feeling very positive and embracing this like a little challenge to reflect and try new things.

    • March 24, 2020 / 12:36 pm

      Bejal I am exactly the same. I feel so motivated! I have had business ideas, my mag column has been submitted ahead of deadline, I feel inspired. It is so weird! My Mum has always said she thinks I do my best work under pressure. So glad you are keeping well xxxx

  5. March 24, 2020 / 11:48 am

    My mind has been all over the place lately. I think structure is key to getting through this. Some great ideas thanks.
    Stay safe Kerry and family x

    • March 24, 2020 / 12:37 pm

      I think that is the key. I am still getting up at my normal time, getting ready as normal etc. I know for me, if I sat in PJ’s all day i would not feel productive. It is doing whatever we need to do to get through it isnt it. Keep well Gemma, keep that positive spirit of yours going xxxx

  6. April 3, 2020 / 1:56 pm

    There are some lovely ideas here Kerry, I really enjoyed reading this, one of my jobs I intend doing is sorting out our junk room into a home office/chill out and fitness room. I’ve sorted all our paperwork and put in a filing cabinet, exercise bike and gym ball so far but still need to find a home for the rest of the stuff in there! I think I will try yoga and meditation, I’m still working 4 days a week actually at work but all this is bringing home the thought that we need to really take care of ourselves isn’t it xx

    • April 3, 2020 / 4:24 pm

      Thank you so much for reading! Fiona I love the sound of the room you are creating. I have not got very far with mine, but it is all planned out in my head haha! I think so many people have had a bit of an epiphany about how lives need to be lived more consciously! Long may it continue. I really really hope so xx

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