A Glimmer of Hope for Autumn Events??

Today, I felt a real surge of optimism. As the lockdown restrictions are starting to lift throughout Europe, so are my hopes. It really felt today that we are starting to see a little pin prick of light at the end of the tunnel. Let’s be honest, the tunnel has felt so long at times! I have also started getting email’s come through for Autumn events. The recent dry, barren land of my social calendar could start having little oasis of plans popped in! I think we will all give a huge hell yeah to that!

A Little hope for Autumn Events?

I have definitely, without a doubt seen more planes flying overhead this week. I think we notice them more now as our skies have been so empty for a couple of months. In addition to that observation, this week I have had notification that a couple of events I was on the mailing list for, look to be going ahead. The Cheltenham Literature festival looks hopeful that it will continue, and the Autumn Internationals at Twickenham tickets are on sale. Nik and my boys are HUGE rugby fans. All of them played throughout school and college. The only rugby they have ever got me to is at Twickenham. We were lucky enough to get tickets for a New Zealand All Blacks game a couple of years back, and they were amazing! I have seen an authentic hakka being done in New Zealand by Maui tribes, but I am telling you, the All Black hakka was just as scary and fantastic up close! I loved our day there.

My husband is hoping that we will be able to get tickets for England v’s Australia this year. Being as his big birthday trip in June had to be cancelled, I suppose I can let him have that one!

Usually around now, I am starting my countdown to Wimbledon Tennis tournament. Im stockpiling Pimms and me and my friend Helen are discussing at length, our desired outcome of the tournament.

I absolutely LOVE the tennis. My friends and family know from past experience, that during Wimbledon, do not bother calling me. I probably won’t be available. If any of my favourite players had a match, (especially Andy Murray or Nedal), they would know not to even bother asking me to do anything. If I am honest, its is not likely I will even answer their call. I like to shout at my tv in peace you know! I have been lucky enough to go to Wimbledon a couple of times, and I adore everything about it. It is a fantastic day out. I feel sad it is not on this year. Still, there is always next year….

These nostalgic thoughts of the tennis got me thinking. Something I am saying a lot of lately is, “when this is all over I’ll __________”. Is it something you find yourself saying? I am excited to get back to having things in the diary. That is a given. However, moving forward, it will only be things I want to do. I spoke a little about how I am going to be more choosy about my travels in this post, will we travel differently after Coronavirus. I feel the same about non travel, day to day life too. I have come to enjoy the slower pace of life. I have come to enjoy having some of the weekend in my home, reading books or growing my vegetables. I have come to enjoy having more time with my busy boys, so things like the Rugby are a great thing we can all do together. I am looking at future events with renewed eyes.

I could go into all the lessons I feel I have learnt during the lockdown, but I will save that for another day. I just love that there is a sense of optimism, looking forward and tentative emergence from this strange, but history making, time. I wanted to document it. Put a pin in the date that I started to feel this huge surge of optimism. It feels significant. It feels a little like we are all waking up again, ready to rejoin society. There is so much to look forward to. So, so much. But I really hope we can remember the gift of all the lessons that lockdown has taught us.

Are you feeling this same sense of optimism lately? Are you starting to see the wood through the trees? Are there any Autumn events that you are hoping will still go ahead? it feels good to think that plans may soon be able to be made doesnt it. Im excited!

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  1. May 20, 2020 / 9:24 pm

    Hi Kerry,

    A few things have changed recently for me, so my house is up for sale and we can now have very careful social distanced viewings. This feels like a big step forward for me as I’ve felt quite stuck. Also its my 40th this September. I had originally planned a party. I’ve never had a birthday party and whilst I don’t believe that will be going ahead this year, I am hoping I can see my Mum and few close friends on the day, even if at different times. I will be over the moon with a bottle of champers and a picnic in a park to be honest! Zoe xx

    • May 20, 2020 / 9:28 pm

      Hi Zoe! Oh that is amazing news about the house!!! I know how tricky that has been. That is a great positive step. I honesty think that by September, you may well get your picnic in the park. I was looking at Proms in the Park, which is usually September, and that has not been cancelled yet. Im really hoping you get a little celebration xxx

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