Five Favourite Things – June Roundup

Hello old friend……. This post is a little revival of the Kerry Life and Loves from yesteryear. In 2017 I had a series on the blog, which rounded up five things from the month, that brought me joy. This list of five of my favourite things could be very random, (and often was)! I asked you for feedback on my Instagram stories, and it was a 100% vote for a revival of this series. Whoo hoooo! With travel as we know it, being off the cards for a little while, I wanted to bring something a little different to the blog. Mix it up a bit. So, ta-daaaaaaaa! Here is my little run down of my five favourite things from June.

listening to music has become one of my favourite things
I am having a music love affair
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I will follow a similar format to how I used to do my five favourite things posts. However, I will be having at least one item per month that may help you live more sustainably. You know I am a little eco warrior, so any help I can offer on you making your own small changes, I will grasp at. It may not always a product or item. It could even be an amazing article I have read or tip I have implemented. As ever though, no Mrs Preach McPreachyson from me…..

My Favourite Things in June

My Favourite Things – Music

This has to get the top spot. I have always had a love of music. All genres, all era’s. Well, I have reignited that love with gusto. Music has literally been keeping me sane the last few weeks. Oh, and getting me through my couch to 5 k runs! I have mentioned on my Instagram that I have now entered the stage of lockdown that makes me want to climb the walls. In fact, for a while there, I felt like I was losing my mind! I was determined to not become a mindless scroller on social media, so Spotify became my best friend.

I can still sing with headphones on…….

My playlist of choice tends to be music with a strong message or story. I like to feel something when I listen to music. Whether that is happy, sad, reflective or music that just makes me want to dance like a loon in my kitchen! I just want to feel something. I also tend to lean towards strong female vocalists at the moment for some reason. The albums I have been listening to on repeat are;

Billie Eilish – Where Do We Go When We Fall Asleep?

I am a little in awe of the talent of this brother and sister duo. Their ability to tell a story in their music is beautiful. The lyrics are cleverly written, with so much depth, and the originality of the music is amazing. Bad Guy and You Should See Me in a Crown have got me through my run many times. Thanks Billie!

Jessie Reyez – Kiddo

A word of warning, Jessie does love a little swear! Her songs are maybe a little angry, but brilliant to drive to and have an all-by-myself-solo-concert in the car. I think this album, one of her earlier ones, is a clear warning to any of her exes to keep her on side…..She scares me a little bit…. My favourite song is Figures.

Freya Ridings – Live AT St Pancras Old Church

Ahhhhh Freya. The little angel with a voice that just soothes me. Her voice is so beautiful and calming! In fact, it is what is currently playing as I am writing out this blog post. Her music is often just her voice and her piano, so its simplistic and easy listening. This album in particular, is all very acoustic and parred down. I genuinely think I sing exactly like her when I am belting out Lost Without You while showering in the morning….ahem…..

Learning the piano

I am really loving my reconnection to music. In fact, so much so, I have dusted off the piano keyboard we had in the loft, and attempting to learn again. It has been years since I took piano lessons, so I am starting right from the beginning again. Obviously, I will totally be banging out the Mozart tunes within a few weeks…..did someone say protege?????

My Favourite Things – Bleach London Hair Products

Right. How comes no one has ever told me about these wonder products???? I discovered Bleach London when searching for ways to dye my hair at home. Yep. Lockdown boredom is responsible for my ever changing hair colour at the moment. I have never dyed my hair, so it has been fun and kept me entertained. It is currently charcoal grey if your wondering, courtesy of their Fade To Grey Toner Kit… My son’s cannot really grasp the fact that I am lucky to not have any grey hair naturally so far, yet decide to dye it grey….. I suppose when you put it like that……

Anyway, let me tell you about Bleach London.

Firstly, they have a fantastic sustainability ethos. Their company message is;


We don’t want the manufacturing of our products to create unnecessary pollution or inflict any damage to the planet or its inhabitants

Pretty good way to run a business right? Add to that the fact that all of their products are completely vegan and cruelty free, and you have yourself a blooming fab range of hair products! It is hard to find cruelty free hair colours, as most salons use L’o*real, which we know is the devils apprentice when it comes to animal welfare! I am so happy to have found hair products that have an amazing eco ethos as well as work well! I am now desperate to visit their salon in London and have my hair transformed by one of their magicians. It might stop me keep changing mine……..

Bleach London Products that I am loving;

Regeneration Masque – I will admit, I have put my hair through A LOT in lockdown. I have bleached it, dyed it, stripped it, box dyed it and repeated that process a few times. All without having a blooming clue what I am doing. (I do not recommend following in my stupidity by the way, there is a real risk of hair wreck I am sure). However, this tube of masque managed by some wizardry, to keep my hair in good condition. It truly is magic!

Tonal Shampoo’s – I have the Silver Shampoo and conditioner, and the Smokey shampoo’s. Both are brilliant. The silver is designed to take any yellow tones out of blonde hair. The smokey is to keep dyed grey looking fresh. Both do the job they claim to. You can even leave the shampoos on for a while, (about 10 minutes) to give your hair a little temporary colour. Although, I may or may not have tinted the bleached parts of my hair blue with the silver shampoo by leaving it on too long…..Yep, I always have to push my luck with how long I leave things on my hair.

My Favourite Things – Harvesting my Crops

Ok. I may be exaggerating a little. My crops are not quite crops. They are so far, a bunch of rocket, two courgettes and various herbs. BUT. They are coming along nicely and I have hundreds of tomatoes, chillies and peppers ripening on their vines as we speak. I told you about my newly found love of vegetable growing in pots on the blog before.

My favourite things easy vegetables to grow in pots

It is still bringing me a lot of joy! I just love that I am growing our food. There is something deeply grounding and therapeutic in growing stuff. Is that me getting old??? If you have had any success in growing veg this year, I would love to hear.

My vegan Food Discovery – A definite favourite thing

I had to share this with you. It is my job as a public servant. Well, if you are vegan that is. The Linda McCartney “Hoisin Duck” Kit. I am telling you now my fellow plant munchers…..this is food from the gods. It is amazing! Totally vegan, wrapped in sustainable packaging and healthy-ish! The kit is just £4 at Asda too and serves 2…….apparently….ahem….

food from the Gods…Well, Linda McCartney

I tend to avoid packaged food as a rule. I am finding that as plant based eating becomes more mainstream, with it comes an abundance of convenience food. It is tempting to stock up on them, but we all know ready food is not great for us. However, this little box of deliciousness has low saturated fat, and the calories are not horrendous. Salt content is a little high, (as it usually is with convenience food), so I wouldn’t recommend daily consumption! It is tempting though, trust me……

Bonus Ball – My favourite Instagram discovery

Sustainability tips from Easy Green Tips

As it is Plastic Free July, I thought I would give you a little nudge. I found an amazing Instagram account with some non-preachy, non finger-wagging hints and tips. Most are pretty easy to implement too! Any, and I mean any little changes you make to reduce your single use plastic is a positive step. As you know, I am a big lover of the saying..

What difference does me not using a plastic straw make?……

….said 3 million people

Well, there you have it gorgeous people. My little June roundup. I enjoyed writing it actually. It’s nice to have a little change in content sometimes right? Let me know what you think of this series. As ever, I appreciate your feedback and thoughts

I told you it may be random. You just never know what is going to show up in this series if I am honest. Some less kind individuals, (like my family, blooming cheek),may say that random kinda suits my personality. How rude!

five favourite things in June 2020
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  1. July 9, 2020 / 8:23 am

    I love Billie Eilish! The hair looks great. I’ve been using the same colour on my hair for about 30 years! And well done for all that you have grown.xx

    • July 9, 2020 / 10:02 am

      Ohhh me too! I think I have a mild obsession with her. To have that talent! Thank you Laurie, I have loved playing about with my hair. It has kept me entertained haha

  2. Jean
    July 10, 2020 / 2:58 am

    What a lovely welcome back revival. Loved reading this, you certainly have not had a dull month of June despite lockdown. You are very lucky I would say to still have hair on your head😂 it’s looking fab though I must say. As for you learning the piano, HOW FABULOUS, can just imagine the scene at Christmas, you playing Christmas caroles and everyone around you singing. As for playing music, do you know I have heard so many people say they have done so much of that during these past months and why not

    • July 10, 2020 / 7:49 am

      I agree with you totally about my hair. It has been through a lot! Poor hair haha! I am determined to learn piano. It is such a lovely sound when played well. Something to aim for I think. Music has been such a lovely distraction in lockdown. It has helped so much. Thank you for reading Jean

  3. July 11, 2020 / 7:03 pm

    Really glad you decided to bring this back Kerry – and I’ve learned a few things now that I didn’t know before. I’m all over the hoisin duck from Linda M – is it only Asda that sell it do you know? I think I’ll be stacking up my freezer with that for my Saturday nights! And who’d have known…your hair really suits you that shade! x

    • July 11, 2020 / 9:39 pm

      They do have it in Tesco too, but it is £1 more expensive. Although, Tesco do a Linda McCartey pulled pork and bao buns kit too. It is not as good as the duck, but it is still lovely. I would recommend giving it a try

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