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Staying in a London hotel is one of our favourite things to do. I love the huge choice of hotel types available in the City. Whatever your style or preference, London, (and most big Cities to be fair), will cater for it. We decided to try one of the newer hotels on offer in London. Treehouse Hotel, in the heart of Marylebone. It was a great location as it is right near to Oxford Street, and was a great choice for this little stay over. Let me take you on a little whistle stop tour of this quirky hotel. I will spill all the tea in this, (see what I did there, Im drinking tea…spill the… oh never mind..) my Treehouse London hotel review.

So, where is the hotel?

Address – 14-15 Langham Place, London W1B 2QS

Website – Click here

Little tip – The hotel is literally a stone’s throw from the BBC building, and the bustle of Oxford Street. It is perfectly positioned for a fabulous West End of London explore mission. Not far to go to drop off those Selfridges shopping bags……

Now, I will admit, the outside of the hotel gives very little away. In fact, my first impression as we walked up Langham place where the Treehouse Hotel is located, was a little underwhelming. It has quite a plain exterior, and I was not expecting that. To be fair, it did have scaffolding up too, so that did not help with a first impression. However, once you step inside the Treehouse London Hotel, you know you are somewhere that is a little different. Straight away the natural, tree house inspired vibe starts.

For a start, the current reception of the hotel, (named the Backyard Coffee Shop) is almost like a little shop. A counter is set along one wall, with display shelves of items you can buy beside it. The counter itself reminded me of a little deli counter! It is here that you check in and get your key. The reception used to be situated on the 15th floor, so I am not sure if this is a temporary, covid related change. It is great though and the check in was very quick and efficient.

Worth noting – The staff were extremely welcoming, helpful and informative on check in. They explained all of the covid precautions and measures in place to keep us safe. We found this very reassuring.

There are walls of plants set amongst the wood panelling, and garden lantern lights strewn about. Even stepping into the lift you stay in the tree house theme. The bark lined walls make you feel like you are in the tree trunk that you will ascend through to reach your floor. If any one knows the old Enid Blyton books, The Faraway Tree?? Well you step into the pages for a moment.

The Treehouse London hotel sustainability ethos

As any of you know that have been with me a while here, sustainability is important to me. It is one of the main things I look at now when booking a hotel. I want to know that I am giving my cash to a brand that cares out our planet. Well, Treehouse scores in this area for sure. Let me tell you some of the ways that they are keeping their impact as low as possible;

  • Much of the interior and decor of the hotel has been made from recycled, reclaimed and repurposed materials.
  • Many items are handmade by local craftsmen
  • There is no single use plastic in the rooms. Recycled glasswear is provided for water and drinking. Enamel cups for tea
  • They even use the sustainable tea brand Tea Pigs for their in room cuppa’s
  • The toiletries are cruelty free, all natural and in recyclable, refillable bottles
  • The hotel has a dedicated composting and recycling programme
  • The ingredients used in the restaurants are sourced locally as much as possible

Like I said, it is important to me that I support hotels with a conscious. Planet and people over profits! I have some great suggestions of other UK sustainable hotels in this post, 7 UK eco hotels.

A little about the story of Treehouse London Hotel

Before I get to more of the details, I want to tell you a little about how the hotel came to be. The whole concept and idea behind the styling of the hotel was what appealed to me when I was looking for a mini staycaytion for us. It was born from the ideas that inspire children to build and love a tree house, and I absolutely loved a tree house as a child. The nod towards that nostalgia had me booking in no time!

If you think about what a treehouse provides for children, you can not help to see the appeal. Things like;

  • Creating a personal hideaway
  • Repurposing items to create something useful
  • Feeling like you are on an adventure
  • Viewing the world from above
  • A little stash of your treasured possessions
  • Being right there amongst nature

Treehouse hotel London has managed to create all this. They have achieved their goal! Now, on with the hotel tour…

Our Room

Our room, a Studio Suite, was on the 10th floor. The hotel has 95 rooms, going all the way up to the 14th floor. There are quite a few room choices available, depending on what you want and your budget. Rooms start at around £200 a night for dates in September, just to give you an idea. You can view all room rates just here. Some of the rooms have a window nook, (basically a window seat) and I knew I wanted that. Nik and I do love a London view in our hotel room!

When we walked into our room, I loved it straight away! Immediately I was hit by the bright, airy feel. Just like being in a high above the ground tree house! The seating area of the room had playful, childlike inspired cushions adorning the comfortable sofa, (I need to give a special mention to the Sloth cushion). There was a large flat screen tv set at the perfect eyeline for sofa sitters! A coffee table had books and a tin lantern just ready for your treehouse adventures. But, my absolute favourite thing??? An old fashioned record player, complete with vinyl records to play! Our record of choice, “Black Betty” was whacked on, and a mini dance off between Nik and I ensued. I don’t think I need to tell you who won…..

Moving into the sleeping area you are of course drawn to the view. Looking out towards Regent Street and Oxford Street, the wall to wall window just tugged and pulled you over to look at the view. I had to settle on the little window seat just to take it all in for a moment.

Again, the attention to detail has not been left out in this part of the room. Childhood toys of a kaleidoscope and magic 8 ball sat on the bedside, waiting to be picked up. Yes, I did sit for 15 minutes asking the magic 8 ball questions……. A bright yellow cuckoo clock kept the time for you. Bright, toadstool pillows gave added comfort to the window nook. A world globe sat on the desk. A childs piggy bank on the windowsill. There were nostalgic items everywhere and I loved it!

The roomy bathrooms in the majority of the hotel’s rooms have showers rather than baths. Again, more sustainable to have showers, so fits with their ethos. The showers are AMAZING though. Rainfall showers that are probably the best I have tried in a long time. I promise you, you will love them! If you really do have to have a bath tub, then the room choice for you is the Clubhouse Suite. Cruelty free, all natural and sustainable toiletries are in the bathroom, and smell divine!

The king size bed was so comfortable! I slept like a baby! There is something about hotel bedding that I always adore. It just has a little something that is hard to replicate at home right? The room was very quiet, the perfect temperature and I can not say anything negative at all! We loved it.

Eat and drink at Treehouse London

The drinks

Ohhhh myyy! The Nest. The Nest is the rooftop bar at the Treehouse. It is absolutely beautiful. I loved it so much, that I actually wrote a whole post about the bar, (drinks at The Nest). It deserves its own little space on my blog. I am a rooftop bar fan, as you may know (you can read about another London favourite of mine if you too are a rooftop fan, Savage Garden Rooftop Bar). All I need to tell you at this stage is that you MUST pop up for a drink when you are here. You will not regret it…

The Food

Our room rate included breakfast. The breakfast times were sooooo good for London too! It was served between 8am and 11am! Bonus! A little London lay-in. Whoop whoop! It is served in the Madera Restaurant, which is on the 15th floor, so again, you know your views are not going to disappoint. Walking into the restaurant felt like being at the very top of the treehouse! Light flooded in from wall to wall windows. Greenery flowed down from the ceilings. Wood panelling and rustic lights added to the overall vibe. Perfect!

Now, I must confess that I mucked up on my breakfast order. I will blame it on my distraction of the view. Or my enchantment with this treehouse hideaway. But, I am vegan, yet I ordered a frittata! For some reason, I was thinking focaccia, so thought it was a beautiful version of mushrooms and avocado on toast! What a dope! The waitress immediately offered to change it for me, (despite it being my error), but as the avocado was separate, I just had a bit of Nik’s toast with that. Nik felt all his christmases had come at once as he had the beautiful mushroom and truffle oil frittata as well as his cooked brekkie! The food was divine, there were vegan options for non-divs…. and you will not be disappointed with your breakfast.

We really did have the best stay at the Treehouse London hotel. I have no hesitation in recommending it to you. If you were holding a gun to my head and forcing me to say a negative, I can only scrape together a tiny one. The only thing I can think of is the look from the outside. It just does not do the hotel justice in my opinion. But everything else was amazing. Every member of staff we came into contact with was so very helpful and cheerful.

Treehouse Hotel stay post Lockdown

This was our first hotel stay post lockdown and it was fantastic. I was a little worried about staying away with the pandemic still roaming about, not gonna lie! But, the precautions in place here for Covid made us feel totally reassured and looked after. From the moment you stepped into the hotel you could tell they took your safety seriously. Staff were all in face coverings. Only you and who you were here with were allowed in the lift (or should I say tree trunk) at any one time. Your room had a seal on the door so you know you were the only people entering it after it had been sanitised and cleaned. You were even given a bag in your room with face coverings, hand sanitiser and gloves. We felt totally at ease and any worries I had were eliminated.

Every area of this hotel was amazing and just made me feel cheerful. It was bright, colourful and unique. It’s nostalgic, rustic charm enchanted me. You cannot help but feel happy here. You are in a tree house after all!

If you would like to see other London Hotels I recommend, I have an entire section devoted to London Hotels on the blog. I am here for you lovely people…

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  1. August 22, 2020 / 12:51 pm

    It looks like a really unique hotel Kerry – loving the interiors, its proximity to the shops AND its ethos on sustainability which I know is really important to you. You’ve really inspired me to check it out – and who knows… Maybe one day stay there?! X

    • August 22, 2020 / 5:33 pm

      Ahhh Lauretta happy to hear this. The choice of hotel in London is so vast. I think it is nice to have a few ideas isnt it. I really hope you get to stay there.

  2. August 25, 2020 / 2:47 pm

    Definitely one to add to my London list, Kerry. A great write up. Sharon xo

    • August 25, 2020 / 6:37 pm

      Ahhh thank you so much Sharon! I really appreciate you reading. If you do stay there, I will meet you up in the bar……lol

    • August 25, 2020 / 6:38 pm

      Yayyy! It is a good one, so worthy of a place on that list x

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