My Goals for 2021 – (Yep, Im an optimist)

I know, I know. I may be slightly optimistic setting goals for this year. Let’s face it, our diary’s last year ended up with a whole load of nothing in them. But, I like to give myself focus for a new year. I find joy in planning my goals. I’m not talking about New Year Resolutions here. This is more putting down onto paper things that will help bring me happiness, wellbeing and all the feel good vibes.

a desk planner, notebook, phone and pen all sit on a desk
Planning my goals for 2021

There are a lot of my goals that could be achieved in or out of a pandemic, so my optimism is slightly calculated. I am also allowing myself to welcome the year with no pressure on myself. If we were taught anything last year, it is that we are never really in control of much right??

I aways love New Years Day. It feels heavy with promise. Packing away the tree and decorations always feels like the time I finally say the last goodbye to the previous year. The Christmas decor is like the bridge between the Old and New year. Packing it away feels symbolic. I always get a rush of anticipation and excitement for the coming months. I also take a moment to be grateful for the previous year, no matter how hard it was!

two journals with two pencils resting on them
setting my goals for 2021

It is always a given that I usually get some kind of notebook, planner or journal within my Christmas gifts. This year I received a beautiful, blush pink, vegan leather bullet journal from my parents. So, armed with a large mug of tea, a pen “that writes nice” (we all have a fave right?) and a head full of plans, I sat down to write out my goals. Writing the date for the first time in a new year is like an acknowledgment, a welcome. It feels right to do that on the 1st day of the year. Am I weird??

Anyway, I thought i would share a few of those goals here with you. If you are not feeling particular inspired to set goals this year, maybe it will give you a little inspo!

My Goals for 2021

1 – A slow return to a new normality. Like the rest of the world, I really hope we begin to see a return to our old lives soon. I miss seeing my loved ones. I miss eating out. I miss travel. But, I also know that there are some aspects that I do not want to return to. Some areas that I took for granted. My appreciation for so much has increased. Appreciation for where I live. For simple nights in. For weekends free of plans. For a slower pace. For reading more. For the freedom of travel. It has revealed aspects of my life that I am happy to leave behind in 2020, (rushing around, feeling obligated to always say yes), so my goal is to not fall back into old habits!

churches in Sofia
Our last overseas trip – Sofia in March

2 – Launching my business. I spoke a little of this in my reflecting on the year post. I am launching a business that has been almost 5 years in the making. It is not a business that I hope will give me world domination, (maybe just UK….ahem). But it is a passion project that I have been wanting to get off the ground in forever. My goal is for it to launch in the Spring. That is a huge focus for me right now and I feel so excited.

3 – Go on one big trip away. At the moment, (cheers Covid), this seems like a pipe dream, but hey, I’m a dreamer! We had so much to celebrate last year. Nik being a year cancer free. Nik turning 50. Our youngest son turning 18. This year we have my eldest turning 21, my Mum turning 70. My brother turning 50. My sister in law turning 40. My niece and nephew both turning 21 and 18. So I would absolutely love to have a huge family holiday. Maybe just a week somewhere. But all of us going. My parents would absolutely love it so I really hope we can make it happen.

4 – Be more inspired with my blog content. I have made the decision to return to a more “old skool” style of blogging here on Kerry Life and Loves. Decision made, I want to up my game (I explained the changes in this post) . My blog has always been travel and lifestyle, but the lifestyle bit was perhaps a little narrow. It mainly focused on days out, bars, and books! All fabulous topics, but I want to be more rounded. I want to share more and inspire more. I want to be more helpful. I want to share things with you like I would my friends. Obviously, not everything that I would share with my friends…..But my goal is to be more regular, more varied, more useful and more carefree over here. I am throwing off the constraints of niche and brands, and just being your online, professional-over-sharer buddy! Let me know if there are any subjects you would like to see me cover.

5 – Write more of my blooming book. I feel like this one has been in my January plans for the last 20 years. Still, it is a dream that has never gone away. I WILL finish my book…one day….

6 – Tackle my finances. Despite running businesses, I am not great with money. Where Nik is a “save for a rainy day” guy, I am a “we could be dead tomorrow let’s spend” kind of gal. Good job we met each other really! But, the financial challenges that the pandemic brought me personally, pulled me to task. I realised that actually, I am not great at knowing what I spend my money on. I am not great at budgeting. I am a little frivolous and irresponsible at times. I want to do better. My goal this year is to be better and track my spending more. I have made a double page spread in my new journal to help me do exactly that!

7 – See my Friends more. I like my own company, so I know that the lockdown has maybe not been as hard on people like me. However, it made me realise that I really do need to see my friends. Not just talk to them on the phone, but see them and hug them and be with them. I am determined that I will make more effort to arrange days with them on a more regular basis. Life is busy, but should never be to busy for the people important to us.

Some other small goals

  • Visit two new countries
  • Read 50 books
  • Walk more
  • Eat healthier meals
  • Shop local as much as poss
  • Go on a trip with my girlfriends
  • Support small Independent brands more
  • Live with less clutter and “stuff”
  • Keep striving to live sustainably
  • Print photos out to go in frames in the house
  • Grow even more veg this year
  • Do even more volunteer work

8 – Be a better vegan. I cannot ever see a time that I will not be vegan. However, I am a lazy vegan. I tend to cook the same tried and tested meals time after time. I also never bake any vegan goodies. I tend to buy them instead. I want to up my effort. I want to learn more and be more inventive. I promised to hold a vegan dinner party for a few people last year, but it never happened. I will make it happen this year. I also want to bring more vegan content to the blog. I would love to inspire people to have a few more non-meat days in their lives. I have had my eye on a KitchenAid food mixer in forever. If I stick to my goal of cooking and baking more, I may just save up (with my new finance awareness…) and treat myself to one at some point as an incentive.

9 – Finish the home renovation projects. Like all of us, we have spent much more time in our home last year. It made me so aware of all the jobs we had to do in the home. Some of the ones we started, (lounge, my office), lockdown number 4897 stopped progress on. We need to get a carpet and unit for my office before we can go any further. The lounge needs furniture and countless accessories. I hope 2021 means that we can get all the house finished, finally! On the plus side, the lockdown really did show that some of my original ideas were not the best, and I have much better plans now. Things like a reading nook and a laundry area are now in the pipeline. Nik is thrilled by the extra work……..

10- Learn photography. I try to learn something new every year. This year my goal is to up my photography game. I would love to be able to take a great photo. I did a one day workshop with Jessops a couple years back, and it really ignited my interest in photography. As soon as we are able to, I would like to find a course to attend.

11 – Be more organised. To be fair, this is probably another regular feature in my New Year goals list. I am rubbish at organisation! I am the person that writes a to-do list, yet ignores the list and does a million things that are not on the list. I am last minute with things. I am always late. I am chaos personified. My husband swears that I rebel against routine, and he is probably right. However, during the pandemic I discovered that my morning routine was invaluable to me. It kept me motivated and driven. Maybe there is an element of me that wants that routine. I aim to be more organised, in the home especially.

12 – Entertain more in my home. If lockdown taught us anything, it is how to be home more! I love going out to eat. I love going out to the pub. But, I also really like the idea of entertaining more indoors. I love having people round my table, eating, drinking and having conversation. I also quite like to cook for people, so I want to do more of it. I love dressing a table, getting out the good glasses and cutlery…all the fanciness. Hopefully 2021 will allow me to achieve that goal.

13 – Less phone time. During the latter part of last year I had a massive phone and social media detox. The benefits I felt for doing it, astounded me. I felt like I was more productive, more focused, less anxious, less obligated. It exceeded what I thought it would do for me. I aim to continue in this vein. I only pop onto things like Instagram once or twice a week now. I also have a self imposed rule of never picking my phone up first thing in the morning. I am an early riser, so my mornings are spent reading and journalling. A much more gentle start to the day. I also set times to check things like emails. I give myself “work hours” to be on my laptop. It has been good for me and my goal is to make sure I stick with it.

14 – Be Kinder to myself. I am incredibly hard on myself. I have definitely got better, but I am still pretty mean to myself sometimes. I think after I had my friendship breakdown, it took a lot of time for me to stop beating myself up. I did not like myself very much for a while there. My confidence was at an all time low, and I was not a good friend to myself. I am a long way from those days. But, I do still catch myself belittling myself sometimes. I want to stop. I want to give myself more credit. I want to look after my physical health more. My goal is to build on the huge progress I have made in the last few years.

Well there you have it! A little snapshot of some of my goals for 2021 I am aiming for. It feels so good to write them down. It make me feel motivated and clear in my direction. interestingly, I noticed that almost all of my goals are focused around improving my wellbeing and lifestyle. No real business or material goals. I think that shows the growth that 2020 brought me. I did not realise that until I read them back. it was quite the surprise to me! I am so target driven usually. I think I like 2021 Kerry!

Have you set goals this year or decided you are throwing away the planner? Do you feel 2020 changed the way you think of goals? I would love to hear how your start to the year feels to you. Let me know xx

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  1. January 9, 2021 / 3:10 pm

    I love this post Kerry and nothing gives me greater pleasure than reading about your goals, dreams and wishes – many of which I share with you. I think you are 100% making the right move when it comes to being more carefree on the blog – just be you as people love you. People love hearing about your thoughts as well as what bar you’ve been to or journal your’ve bought. I loved the cuppa and chat – this is so you! You’ve also given me an idea of travelling with family when we can again. We were all supposed to rent a houseboat this year and take a week off going down the canals and rivers – I hope to do this one day with all of us – another muti-generational trip would be amazing. Make this your year hun – I know you will X

    • January 10, 2021 / 6:54 am

      Ahhh thank you so much Lauretta. This comment made me feel all warm. Thank you for your support xx Oh your family trip sounds amazing! What a lovely way to spend time with family. I think the lockdown has just reinforced how important our loved ones are to us hasn’t it. I know you are like me in that you are all about making memories over owning “stuff”. I hope this year allows you to fill your memory banks up to the max. Much love my friend xx

      • January 10, 2021 / 5:44 pm

        Thank you lovely – and I hope you too will be creating extra special memories this year X

  2. January 10, 2021 / 10:04 pm

    I love your plans and your optimism, Kerry! I totally agree with what you say about packing away the Christmas stuff – it does give a feeling of new beginnings (although I don’t usually see the new year as anything special)! Although I’ve always seen it as the beginning of a long horrible winter! 😬 But obviously that’s different now when I don’t live in Sweden.
    I’m excited about your blog plans!
    This year started VERY rough (mainly in terms of the horrible virus) but I have high hopes that things will get better eventually, with the vaccine. For the moment I’m absolutely terrified but actually tonight I got my mojo back, the feeling that I’m fed up with being miserable and will enjoy my life the best I can, and I guess my main goal for this year is to find ways to be positive, be who I want to be, and to create good things for myself.

    • January 12, 2021 / 7:11 am

      Yayyyyyyy! A huge high five to returning mojo’s Susanne. Mine had gone for a wander part way through last year, and I questioned at some points if it would ever return! Having a focus and a bit clearer head space really helps doesnt it. Journalling helped me sort through the fog. I do feel very optimistic for the new year. We have to keep our hopes alive dont we lol. Happy New Year to you Susanne. May it be a fabulous one for you xx

  3. January 20, 2021 / 3:33 pm

    Loved reading your goals. I agree with the more friends, more eating out, more travel for sure. I love the idea of a huge family holiday – wow you have had some major birthday celebrations to make for together. I also have a few home items I want to sort out and improve my photography too. I have started The 5 Minute Journal and I love it so far. I haven’s set any proper goals this year part from get a job in my field, travel somewhere and spend as much time with family and friends (esp my mum) as I can. x

    • January 21, 2021 / 8:39 am

      It is crazy how much we have missed those simple things like sitting and sharing a meal with friends isnt it. I always think though, how lucky we are if we are missing things in our life. It means we are blessed with things to miss. I would love to do a photography course. Online learning is not my favourite thing though, so I will wait until we can actually return to classrooms again. I would love to be able to capture a great moment with a beautiful picture. I would love to hear if you find journalling brings you benefits. I love it and it has become as much a part of my routine as brushing my hair. It is a wonderful way to reflect x

  4. February 2, 2021 / 1:29 pm

    great goals! I think they are achievable. only there’s still a big question mark over international travel, I mean, that’s going to be very unpredictable, maybe possible in the second part of the year, I do hope so

    • February 2, 2021 / 1:36 pm

      Thank you so much. I really hope so! I am being very optimistic with the overseas travel right? haha! I am happy for a family get together here in the UK if that is what is needed. I think I just crave a family shindig! Let’s keep our fingers crossed it will be safe to start exploring again soon!

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