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Delving into topics that have been on my mind. I encourage and welcome discussion and a good ole chat!

Are you Living an Authentic Life?

Welcome! It is the first Cuppa and a Chat post of the New Year. This may turn out to be a bit of a ramble.…

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How I Dealt with the Death of a Friendship

It is time for my monthly musing post, and in this one we are diving deep! I was not sure I would ever write about…

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Social Media Adverts – How People Really Feel

It’s time for a cuppa and a chat post, and I seem to have kicked the hornet’s nest over on Instagram this week! It was…

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What Is Travel, and Who Decides Anyway?

And quite frankly, where is the rule book? It is time for the monthly cuppa and a chat post my lovelies. Although this month it…

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At What Cost Should we Remain True to Ourselves?

Its my monthly non travel post, so that means it’s Cuppa and a Chat time you lovely lot. I know its a little later in…

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Why I Work For Free

This cuppa and a chat post comes off the back of a recent experience, and the discussion I then had a with a few people…

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Are YOU Your Biggest Obstacle?

This months cuppa and a chat post was inspired by a realisation that I had a while back about myself. I was sitting on the…

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