Things I have learnt in my blogging journey

Reflecting on my Blog Year (and Plans I have)

My friends and family often ask me why I write my blog. They question why I dedicate so much time and effort to it. Why I at times, stress myself out finding the time to write it. In their eyes, it is not my job, I do not get paid for it, so why?

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Social Media Adverts – How People Really Feel

It’s time for a cuppa and a chat post, and I seem to have kicked the hornet’s nest over on Instagram this week! It was…

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What Does Your Version of Blog Success Look Like?

Id be interested to know what the very first, knee jerk answer that popped into your head when you read that question was. The reason…

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An Interview with – Wildlife Tourism Educator and Blogger Sam

I have wanted to start a new series on my blog for a while now. My idea was to interview some of the bloggers I…

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What Life/Blog Niche do You Fit Into?

Grab your cuppa, its that time! We are going to see whats in my brain this week and discuss it. This post came to me…

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My Blogging Year Round Up

Well, what a year! I think 2018 will be for me, the year that brought with it so much change, but so much peace, satisfaction…

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Bloggers – Have You Fallen into The Vanity Metrics Trap?

Know the Difference Between The Things That Feed Your Soul, and The Things That feed Your Ego. I decided to do a little post specifically…

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