Is There A Stigma to being Positive?

Have we become a society where we prefer to look on the negative rather than the positive? Is there a stigma attached to being positive?

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Setting Goals for 2019

My last post of 2018. How crazy is it that we are in the last throws of the year. To be a 101 year old…

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Reflecting on the Year – Roses and Thorns 2018

So here we are. Moving along the last furlong of 2018. We are galloping towards the close, and like many of us this time of…

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My Blogging Year Round Up

Well, what a year! I think 2018 will be for me, the year that brought with it so much change, but so much peace, satisfaction…

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Palm Oil – What you need to Know

Palm Oil. Its become the big no-go ingredient for those of us concerned about the ethics behind the brands we use. I do however, understand…

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When Did Normal Become Unacceptable?

I come to you this evening with a little impromptu post. Its been playing on my mind so as always, I like to write it…

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Why Imitation is NOT the Sincerest Form of Flattery

Ohhhhhh Kaayyyyyy. My sleeves are rolled up, my sassy pants are on and Im going to be telling it like it is. Im going to…

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