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Fancy an Eco Retreat? Luxury Glamping in the Uk

Ok. I have already shared with you 7 eco hotels here in the UK. Now we are moving up a gear. Going a little more…

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Easy Vegetables to Grow in Pots

I know, bit of a random topic for me, but these are random times! With travel off the table for a little while, everything feels…

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Sustainable Living – Modibodi Period Pants Review

There is a saying… “In life, you can guarantee two things, taxes and death”. Well, I reckon 99% of us women can add another guarantee.…

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7 Eco Hotels, UK Edition

I am not going to lie. I am itching to be able to travel again. With the world still grounded by the Covid 19 pandemic,…

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Small Eco Friendly Brands

For the next post in my Sustainability Series, I wanted to focus on small sustainable companies. These brands are all eco friendly beauty brands, with…

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Protecting Wildlife – How World Animal Protection are Helping

Imagine seeing brown bears in the wild. A Mother with her cubs, teaching them to fish for salmon in the streams. Think how you would…

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The Eco Edit, Conscious Living

I cannot tell you how happy I am to be launching this new series. I have wanted to bring sustainability topics onto my blog in…

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