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Books to Inspire your Travels

Autumn. My absolute favourite season. I adore everything about it. The colours the season paints nature with. The lightly burnished, bright days. The crisp bite…

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What Is Travel, and Who Decides Anyway?

And quite frankly, where is the rule book? It is time for the monthly cuppa and a chat post my lovelies. Although this month it…

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Easy Plastic Free Swaps you can Make When You Travel

We are all becoming more and more aware of how we need to take action to help our planet. As a lover of travel, I…

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Ethical Mistakes I made Travelling – Wildlife Tourism

From as young as I can remember, I have had a thing for animals. Not just a thing, an obsession. My parents would say that…

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Overcoming My Fear of Flying Anxiety

I will never forget the first time that I got fear of flying anxiety. It crept up on me with no warning, and trying to…

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The Best Cabin Case Ever!

I know, I know, bold statement right? I treated myself to this case recently, (well thats a lie, Nik bought it for me as he…

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Finding Adventure in a Staycation

Cast your mind back to your childhood. Did you ever go down to the bottom of your garden, be it a big or small area,…

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