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My Top 5 Once in a Lifetime Travel Moments

June 28, 2018

I know that this title is a total cheesy cheese fest, but I couldn’t think of any other title that sums up the moments I am about to share with you. I mean, one of them actually made me weep like a crazy woman! Accompanied by some old, less than high quality photos, I wanted to share my top 5 travel moments with you. When…

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What Iv Read This Month – Book Roundup

June 25, 2018

Bookworm. Book nerd. Avid reader. Book lover. All terms that my family and myself have used to describe me. Im not a great sleeper, I survive on about 4/5 hours a night, so get through a lot of books! I devour books, I love to read, and I will always have a book on the go. I read from many genres, although bloody love a…

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My Current Favourite Lip Colours – All Cruelty Free

June 21, 2018

Its no news to you guys that I love a nude lip. Its my go to most of the time, as I really like a natural look to my make up. However, I also like quite a bold lip with minimal eye make up in the summer! I know, Im a fickle soul! I wanted to share with you in this post some beautiful lip…

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A Round Peg in a Square Hole – Is that you?

June 14, 2018

Well hello there you lovely lot. This little post is another of my Cuppa and a Chat posts. Its just me and my brain, thinking out loud, hoping to open discussion and have a chat. This post is inspired by, (but not about) my youngest son, but I think its a common thing that people, ourselves included, come across in our lifetime. Lets chat… The…

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Discovering Hopefield Animal Sanctuary – Essex

June 12, 2018

Please indulge me with this post. I know its a little different from my usual posts. I also know I it will come as no surprise to you that I am obsessed with animals. I am also obsessed with animal rescue so I am so excited to share this discovery with you. Iv talked about it before, I am the crazy, vegetarian animal lady and…

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Two Years of Blogging – Where Am I Now

June 10, 2018

Well, here we are, I have been writing my blog for two years. I promise you, that comes as a huge surprise to me if I am honest. I have the attention span of a gnat so tend to flit about and not really stick to much hobby wise. But, my blog has become so much more to me than a hobby. I thought I…

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Afternoon Tea with Beauty and The beast – London

June 2, 2018

Im sure you read that title and thought jeeeez Kerry, you love an afternoon tea! You would be right of course, I blooming love them, and themed ones even more so. It is my mission to go to as many as possible in London, not only because of the experience itself, but because you get to see all of these beautiful hotels. The afternoon tea…

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Be You Own Skin Guru – Skin Types

May 27, 2018

So, I thought we would start with skin types, so that you may understand the skin you have a little better. Im sure many of us already know the skin type we have, but I like to start from the ground up, and basics of skin. People often get confused with skin types and skin conditions. Your “skin type” is the skin that you have…

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My First Homewear Haul – Sharing a little of my home Style

May 20, 2018

Well, it would seem that some of you are as interiors obsessed and, lets be honest here, as nosey about peoples homes, as I am! When I asked over on an Instastories poll last month if me sharing my home wear buys is something that you would like to see, it was a 100% yes vote! This made me happy as I blooming love seeing…

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