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A Smugglers Haunt – The Mermaid Inn, Rye, East Sussex

October 25, 2018

Ok, so my next Hotel for freak week takes us into Rye, East Sussex. I adore Rye. Its one of my favourite places in the UK, and I wrote a full post on our visit there early last year, (you can read that in this post, Walking The Cobbles in Rye, East Sussex). Steeped in history, Rye has a long history and past with smugglers…

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Ghostly Goings On – Red Lion Hotel, Essex

October 23, 2018

Something a little different, and a little fun for  the week leading up to Halloween. Wooo hoooooooo (thats my scary ghost noise) I thought I would do a freak week this week, detailing Ghostly Going’s on, with things that may go bump in the night…….I have always wanted to stay in a creepy, haunted hotel or house. I love ghost hunting and all the scariness…

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Things to do on a Short Break in Luz, The Algarve

October 21, 2018

The views were breathtaking. I felt like I was standing on the edge of the world. Looking out to where the sea meets the sky, the sun making the ocean look like it was littered with a thousand sparkling diamonds. Breathing in the salty breeze, I felt so happy. Taking my time to absorb it all. This beauty of nature before me. Turning to continue…

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All Aboard the Latest Bandwagon……

October 19, 2018

I think I need to start this Cuppa and a Chat post with making sure that it is understood that although a little controversial,  no offence is meant in this post whatsoever, and Im talking about SOME people, not all. It is purely my observations, and you know me, I like to throw things I observe open to discussion. I write my Cuppa and a…

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The Lowdown on a Short Break in Luz, The Algarve

October 16, 2018

It was a foggy, dark morning last week that we arrived at Southend airport, the early hour adding to the silence that fog seems to encourage. My Mum and I were off for a short break to Luz, in the Algarve and we couldn’t have been more excited. It was the first time we had flown from Southend Airport, and a first time visit to…

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How To See Scotland Like a Local

October 7, 2018

There is something very comforting and reassuring about being shown around somewhere new by someone that knows the place isn’t there. Like when you start a new job. If you are lucky, there is usually someone who takes pity on you and offers to show you around. They will give you the low down on the tea/coffee machines, tell you the quirks of the office…

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Permission to Pause – with The Natural Wellness Box

October 3, 2018

The very first time that I entered a beauty treatment room, was when I had been paid my first full months wage from my job with Lloyds Bank. I was 16, and a full months wage hitting my bank account felt like a kings ransom. Mr Fairchild, my very stern and very posh manager, handed my wage slip to me, and glancing down and seeing…

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Bloggers – Have You Fallen into The Vanity Metrics Trap?

September 29, 2018

Know the Difference Between The Things That Feed Your Soul, and The Things That feed Your Ego. I decided to do a little post specifically for bloggers. I feel that I have learnt so much on my blogging journey, and I just wanted to do a little series sharing my findings. Im no expert, never claim to be, but, because of my background, I do…

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Why I Feel Travel IS Key to Growth and Wellbeing

September 25, 2018

I write about travel, but I also write about well being and personal growth, and I feel that the two things are interlinked. Do you? There has even been studies on it which you can see here. Travel has had a HUGE impact on the person I am today. A lot of the things that have made me question the way I thought, or made…

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