About Me

Welcome to my blog and thanks for stopping by.

Im Kerry. I live in Essex in the UK with my husband and two teenage sons.  My blog was started as my way to indulge and combine my love of writing, my passion for make up and beauty products, and share my thoughts, findings and fumbling navigation through my 40’s and beyond.  I am an avid reader of blogs, and wanted to start my own for a while, but initially worried that it was just for the youngsters, but now,  I love that there are more of us over 30’s venturing in to the world of blogging! We have years of experience behind us to share.  Iv always loved writing, and Im beginning to find that I enjoy photography as I learn more about it. Not something I ever thought Id say. Im passionate about make up and beauty products, (I say passionate, others may say obsessed), dont agree with make up “rules” and love to discover new brands and hero products. My blog is also a way for me to talk all things girls like to talk about. When you live in a house of males, trust me, you need the outlet!

Kerry Life and Loves covers a bit of everything really, as Im a lover of life and kinda get excited and passionate about everything! You wont find parenting advice here, (Im just trying to survive that like most of us), but you will find my love of make up, skincare and beauty items, and random ramblings, and slices of my life.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I love writing it!

Kerry xx