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About Me


Im so glad you have found me! Welcome to my blog.

Im Kerry, a London/Essex based blogger, travel junkie, mini-break obsessive, gin lover, magazine columnist, wannabe author and all round lover of life. I am the Queen of utilising weekends and my husband’s (who is Nik) shift breaks to explore both here in the UK and overseas! I am a huge fan of a short break as well as the usual two weeker.

Nik and I have always travelled in our 27 years together, starting in our teens with a round the world trip. We once lived out of a back pack for two years, travelling and seeing the world, and feel so fortunate to have seen such beautiful parts of the world. However, now that we have to apparently be responsible grown ups, we have to satisfy our unquenchable wanderlust other ways! We are forever searching for amazing staycation accommodation or flights to take us away to foreign lands!

This blog was started in 2017, as my way to indulge in and combine, my love of writing and my passion, (some would say obsession) for travel, and living life as fully as possible. I was absolutely thrilled that my blog was named as one of Blogosphere Magazine’s Travel Editors “Travel Blogs of 2019”. It was an amazing moment! I am constantly planning our next trip, or hunting out gorgeous venues to visit, and I long to inspire you to do the same. I hope you find my blog relatable and authentic. We are just a normal couple, trying to squeeze as much from life as is possible within our means.

Since I launched this blog I have shared my travel stories, found fabulous things to do in Essex and London, let you into the deepest, darkest parts of my mind with more personal posts, fuelled my obsession with afternoon tea discoveries, shared amazing vegan restaurant finds with you and had many enlightening  discussions in the monthly Cuppa and a Chat posts. 

So, what can you expect to find here on my blog?

Well, mini breaks and City break travel tales will always be the main feature, along with sharing with you fabulous places to visit here in the UK. Im a big advocate of the staycation, and sustainable travel is an area I am exploring more! One of my favourite travel stories of the year can be read in this post, Experience Boa Vista, Choose Happy

As I am based in Essex, right on the border of London. I am passionate abut supporting local businesses in my home county of Essex, but I am also always exploring things to do in London. I am lucky that where I live, I get the best of both worlds! You may find that vegan food, cake, gin and cocktails feature on quite a regular basis on my blog under the Lifestyle section and there may or may not be an entire section on my blog dedicated to afternoon tea discoveries……..

Lastly, there is a monthly feature called cuppa and a chat, which is all about inspiring discussion and exploring other views. We love a chat over here, and all opinions are welcome. 

So, in summary, I write this blog for people that love to travel, visit new places and just want to enjoy life. Id also suggest that my readers like total honesty…… You wont find parenting advice here, (Im just trying to survive that like most of us), but you will find my love of mini breaks, all things travel, my London shenanigans and the occasional think piece. 

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I love writing it!

Kerry xx