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How Will Travel Look Like to you Next Year?

Well isn’t that the million dollar question! I think I have had about eleventy million scenarios go through my head of what the answer to…

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London Haunted Hotels I’d love to Stay in

I know, I know. I must need some kind of mental assessment. I hear you saying why Kerry? Just WHY? I cannot answer that. I…

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8 Places to visit in The Cotswolds

When you think of The Cotswolds, what image does your mind’s eye conjure up? I would imagine quaint medieval villages? Miles of rolling hills and…

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The Slaughters – In The Cotswolds

It was the perfect Autumn morning the day we set off on our UK staycation. Bright blue skies, but with muted sunshine. A crisp bite…

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Castle Hotels in England – My Bucket List

So it would seem, I have created a monster. Since our wonderful Hever Castle stay, I seem to quite fancy keeping a crown on my…

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Chartwell House – Churchills Country Home

The first thing that struck me when entering Chartwell house, Churchills country home since 1922, was that this was a family home. It felt like…

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As Lockdown Eases – London Day Trips

In some ways, the transition out of lockdown feels more stressful than lockdown. Do you agree? All of a sudden we have the (albeit confusing),…

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