Should We All Digitally Detox on a Regular Basis?

have you fallen into the vanity metrics trap

Digital detox is a term that we have all heard banded about, and if Im honest, Id never given it much thought. However, a situation I recently found myself in gave me time to think about and understand it all a bit more, and why having a digital detox on regular basis could be beneficial. 

Sometimes, as we are all very much aware, life throws you a curve ball. It sends you into a spin and, temporarily or permanently, changes your life. Believe me, the last two years have sent us more than our share of curving, bash you straight in the head curve balls, but I am a true believer in that you have to try to see something positive when life sends you spinning, even when there appears to be no positives at all!! Hard I know!

With our latest bump in the road, my husband very suddenly became seriously ill and was in hospital for 3 weeks. Each day I would sit by his hospital bed, 1.30-8.30. There was no network signal in the hospital, so I was unable to look at any phone, laptop etc unless I went outside. As my husband was pretty sedated most of the time he was often sleeping, and as it was limited to immediate family only for visiting, I was sitting there alone 80 percent of the time. It gave me lots of time to think!

digital detox on a regular basis

Anyone that has followed my little blog for a while will know that I am a massive advocate of mindfulness and being present, (sorry to bang on about it),  so Im not one to be on my phone/technology all the time anyway, but when you cant use it at all for hours, its strange. The first couple of days it felt alien, but then I began to enjoy it. I rediscovered my love of reading novels. I did a lot of thinking and contemplating. I took note books in and did a lot of writing. I took my journal in and did a lot of planning. I started planning and writing (in a new note book of course) small life goals I want to achieve. I found I actually began to relish the lack of technology! I visited my social media accounts just once a day, usually morning but sometimes when I got home in the evening instead, and I bloody liked it. Sitting there for hours with my husband ignoring me (haha), got me thinking, should we all digitally detox on a regular basis for the good of our health?

So, cards on the table, be honest, how many of you check your social media on a daily basis? How many of you check it more than 4/5 times in a day? I bet a very high majority of you do, and some obsess and check even more. (apparently, according to The Times, people check their phones an average of 1500 times a week, and up to 4 times an hour) But have you ever questioned what are you actually checking for? I hadnt. What causes you to click onto you social media that many times a day? Does it matter if a stranger has unfollowed you? Is it going to affect your life if your last picture posted only got X amount of likes? Are you really going to lose sleep over something a stranger said about another stranger in the latest Twitter drama? We spoke about getting caught up in the vanity metrics in this post.

digital detox on a regular basis

People are apparently even buying followers/likes etc. How crazy is that! They are buying themselves an illusion. Madness! Why do we worry about these things? I remember myself, feeling so disappointed when I got 100 followers on Instagram, only to see it go down to 97 the next day. Why?? What bothered me?

My short answer is I really don’t know. I totally get that for some people, their social media is their job, so a bit more understandable. There is also the thing that if you are trying to get brands to notice you, it can be a numbers game (sadly, frustratingly, but thats a topic for another time). I also understand that for promotion of blog posts etc, we use social media. But how did we become so obsessed? Are we looking for acceptance? Approval? Popularity? If so why are we looking to strangers for that? Are we trying to create and project an image of a life that isn’t real? There is a saying banded about in the blogging world as “living my best life”. Is that a statement or a convincing line….. Most of us know that the lives projected in beautiful, glossy Instagram grids are not “real”, but it dosent stop us comparing our own lives to the image, (and being a salesmans dream, I have a wish list of handbags Iv seen in Instagram photos)

digital detox on a regular basis

Lets be real here, most of the people we seek something from on social media we are never likely to meet are we. Yet we place emphasise on their “acceptance” of our latest photos/tweets/posts. For me, comments on my blog posts give me life. Iv always been a writer at heart, so to have someone read and engage with something I have written makes me so happy. I love the interaction. I suppose that is in part could be seen as looking for approval? Acceptance that my writing is worth reading? I find it strange that I care as in my day to day life, I try to not give a hoot what people think of me. Like me, don’t like me, thats your business. Why is it different in the social media world?

Iv found it quite hard to grow my following on my blog social media accounts, especially Instagram, (its not my favourite platform and Im a bit rubbish on it if Im honest, you can find me here, so probably don’t make the effort I should). But I realised that actually my blog traffic is growing. Steadily and slowly its growing. I realised early on, soon after starting my blog, that this is what is important to me and what I enjoyed. I enjoy reading blogs, I love writing my blog. Social media is just a by product of that love. That realisation brought with it an instant feeling of relief, and lift of pressure (that I was putting on myself). I of course realise that my social media can help my blog traffic so its a necessary evil, but why was I worrying if I hadnt posted on Instagram for a few days. The world will still turn!

Its a strange thing isn’t it, social media obsession. Have you been sucked in yet? Its the thing that has surprised and confused me the most on entering the blogging world. I appreciate that as a very new blogger still, it may just be a lack of understanding. Maybe in a years time I too will be bothered by Gertrude from Norwich unfollowing me…….. (what a cow that Gertrude is…)

For now, I came to the conclusion in that hospital room, that I think for me personally, its really important to digitally detox for maybe a day a week, or at least some part of every day, (maybe I will set a tech curfew, no more technology after 7 or something). I honestly think most people would benefit from some form of stepping away. I think for lots of people, social media scrolling is escapism and a boredom filler. Almost a formed habit or addiction for others. If however, social media is giving you any feelings that are negative, (comparison, envy, numbers obsession, shopping habits (me) etc) then unfollow those accounts that fuel that, or switch off the phone. Its all about balance isn’t it. We need and use technology, thats how life in 2017 has become, but we do not need to let it give us worries or pressure.

I would really love to hear your views on this subject. Im interested to see if you think the same, have never thought about it, was unaware of whether you obsess etc. Have you made changes because you knew that your technology habit was becoming a problem? Id love to know, I think its so interesting.




  1. August 27, 2017 / 7:55 pm

    I completely and wholeheartedly agree, Kerry. There have been a couple of occasions recently when I haven’t been able to get online and I found it liberating too. It’s important to ground ourselves in reality from time to time. Lots of love to you and Nik xxx

    • kerrylifeandloves
      August 27, 2017 / 8:02 pm

      I agree, it is liberating! It helps us remember whats real and important dosent it x

  2. August 27, 2017 / 9:09 pm

    I loved this post. I’m quite happy not to post every week now. I love Instagram because of the lovely people I’ve met, and the people are only looking for follows I just ignore. I’ve put my account on private as it was just too much to be honest. My hubby has no social media accounts and is the happiest most content person I know. I have four kids under 10 and I worry about what’s ahead social media wise. Im so glad your hubbies home, that’s the most important thing x x fifilovesallthingsbeauty

    • kerrylifeandloves
      August 27, 2017 / 9:21 pm

      Thank you so much Fiona, I cannot tell you how happy I am to have him home. Talking of Nik, he is the same as your husband, no social media accounts at all, any just dosent get it. We have always had time that our boys cant use phones, ipads etc. I think its good to have boundaries do you? Im setting them for myself now x
      Thank you for visiting xx

      • fifilovesallthingsbeauty
        August 28, 2017 / 8:52 pm

        We have no PlayStations, Xboxs etc in our house. Our oldest who is 10 gets upset now and again as all his friends have these gaming stations etc. We try to be fair and give him tablet time at weekends when he’s in school more when he’s on holidays. When I hear some of his friends playing call of duty etc it just annoys me. They’ll see eno7gh of that as they get older. We do slot of family time and days off as that’s what we thing are important. It’s very hard parenting sometimes and being the mean Mammy x x

        • kerrylifeandloves
          August 28, 2017 / 9:39 pm

          I agree totally. Our boys did not have playstation until they turned teens, and only then we monitored the games they played. We were bad cop too, but I think it was the right thing to do. Our kids are much more out doorsy, and people always comment on how they hold a conversation with all ages. Im sure thats because we restricted their tech time x

  3. August 28, 2017 / 10:20 am

    I couldn’t agree more with what you’re saying. It’s so important for us to detox every so often, i’m trying to not use my phone after a certain time each night. I really don’t want to become one of those people staring at my phone mindlessly all the time. Think this is such an important subject x

    • kerrylifeandloves
      August 28, 2017 / 8:22 pm

      Yes I think the “tech curfew” is something I will adopt, I can see the appeal of it. I think you are right Grace, we have to make sure we dont become a phone addict lol xx

      • August 28, 2017 / 8:57 pm

        Me too, think it’ll help me chill out as well. Yes that’s what i’m thinking, give me some space from my phone xx

  4. J | Beauty's Expert Amateur
    August 28, 2017 / 7:27 pm

    Social media is a strange one. I actually haven’t dabbled much with it until I started my blog (ironically). It’s been a hell of a learning curve, but it’s really opened my eyes to things too. I can’t even remember the number of times I check my phone in one day, and I just feel so happy on the inside when I leave the tech alone for a while. Wonderful read. Hope your husband is well! x

    • kerrylifeandloves
      August 28, 2017 / 8:15 pm

      I totally agree, we can become far too regular at checking our phone, without even realising cant we! I am the same as you, I didnt really get involved with social media until my blog. My husband is on his slow path to recovery, but striding along it, thank you xx

  5. Whatabbysaysblog
    September 8, 2017 / 9:25 pm

    I absolutely love this and totally agree with you kerry. I think it is so easy to be sucked in by social media that can lose focus on what really matters and that we have even forgotten to connect with people. Im definitely trying to ban technology in my house after a certain time. Great post!

    • kerrylifeandloves
      September 9, 2017 / 7:51 am

      Thank you so much. Its something Im very passionate about! People miss too much of life with their head down on their phones dont they x. Thanks for reading xx

  6. Sosi's Mom
    September 9, 2017 / 2:30 am

    Makes you wonder about the next generation, how will they learn to socialize in real life?!

    • kerrylifeandloves
      September 9, 2017 / 7:49 am

      I totally agree. We have set times in our house that all tech goes away. My sons are older, but they agree its important. Thanks for visiting x

  7. September 11, 2017 / 4:58 pm

    Such an interesting read! It’s something I often wonder, especially where we’re all so wrapped up in today’s bustling digital world xx

    • kerrylifeandloves
      September 11, 2017 / 9:16 pm

      Thank you for reading, Im glad you found it interesting. I have started a tech curfew, and I honestly believe its made a difference to my sleeping better. I will report back when Iv road tested it fully

  8. September 14, 2017 / 7:50 pm

    I have to admit to being a social media addict in the past, and still am at times.
    But after having a weekend away and leaving my phone in my room, and then a while later my phone broke (only for a day!) I realised how much time I spent mindlessly browsing stuff. Not even good stuff sometimes.
    I now check my blog and social media every morning, I then log out from the apps on my phone so that I don’t receive any notifications unless I log back in. Which I do maybe mid afternoon or evening. I feel so much better not just looking at a screen all the time. I feel I have more time, and I’m less agitated!

    • kerrylifeandloves
      September 14, 2017 / 8:37 pm

      Thank you so much for taking the time to comment Gemma. I love that you have found this, as I felt the same way. I think we can be addicted without realising cant we. Im so pleased that you have found detoxing a bit beneficial to you. Thats music to my ears xx

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