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Someties, You gotta Let Your 13 Year Old Self Take Over!

April 22, 2018

You know when you laugh, I mean really, really belly laugh until you fee like you cant breathe? Well that happened to me the other day, in the middle of Debenhams mens shoe department. My uncontrollable, no restraint 13 year old self well and truly took over! I know things are only funny when you are actually there, but the quick background. Nik was looking for shoes for my brothers wedding, I was duly there to give opinions. Nik put a pair of brogue boots on, and on looking down at them said, “Don’t you think they look a little bit like cowboy boots”, and with that, as if to fully demonstrate his point,  started doing his version of a line dance all the way up the shop. Heel tapping, grapevining, basketing,  the whole works. Well I dissolved into fits of laughter, much to an elderly couples annoyance at my loud laughing, but the more I tried to stop, the more I laughed. It got to the point where I had tears streaming down my face, I was gasping for breath and having to cross my legs because I thought I was going to pee myself, (the old bladder isn’t what it used to be nowadays). I had to leave the shop as I had totally lost it and was getting evil side-eye from the sales assistant. But, you know what? My soul felt lighter, my spirits were lifted and all stress and worries disappeared for the rest of the day. It got me thinking………

I have let my 13 year old self take over many times, and it has always served me well! I have always felt a lightness of step and a re-charge to my entire being. The saying that laughter is good for your soul, is a million percent true, and when its that unfiltered, let your self go type of laughter, it feeds your soul.

laugh til it hurts

I think we can all be a little restrained, a little polite and non-intrusive when in public, which, in a civilised society, is right. But, when we let ourselves go, become a little raucous, and just bloody enjoy the moment, it takes us straight back to those carefree teenage years when you didn’t care who looked at you laughing your head off with your mates. Its such a nice feeling! Obviously, its far more acceptable to be hysterically laughing and mucking about in a pub, out with your friends etc. But my teenage self seems to take over at unacceptable moments.

Take the time at a friends child’s christening. We were all listening in the pew, Father David was inspiring us all and keen for us to sing the hymns with gusto. The worst hymn was chosen when you have your then, 10 and 12 year old sons with you. All Things bright and Beautiful. If you are familiar with this hymn then you may recall the line that says “The Purple Headed Mountain”  Of course, to pre-pubescent boys, thats hilarious. They start laughing, I then start giggling, and before you know it me, my sons and my friend next to me are doubled over trying to stop the certainty that we are going to be struck by lightening when we step outside. I have that terrible thing of having no control once I start laughing. I had to leave the church.

laughter quote

So, how can we keep that carefree attitude that takes us over now and again? I know we have to be responsible and a proper adult most of the time, but I reckon we would all be so much happier if we just let our younger self take us over on a regular basis. Scientists tell us that they have proven that laughter relaxes our whole body, and for around 45 minutes after you stop laughing. It is also proven to boost your immune system, lowers blood pressure and reduces stress hormones. See, its good for your health!

Tuesday night, my youngest son, who is almost 16, had a few of his mates in to have pizza and watch the football. After the match they were all in high spirits, and did the usual teenage thing of banter and mischief. My husband and I were in another room, so gawd knows what was being said, but they suddenly descended into hysterical laughter. All 7 of them were laughing, really laughing, and when my son brought the plates out his eyes were shining, his cheeks beaming and his entire being felt light, carefree. Thats what we should all be looking to recapture as often as we can isn’t it. Us adults let the responsibility of life get the better of us, and we can sometimes be a little, perhaps, serious?

Well, I for one give you my solemn vow, I am gonna let my 13 year old self take over whenever she raises her head. I am going to embrace her and encourage her to laugh it up. Im going to continue to laugh at potatoes shaped liked penises in Tesco, (if anyone saw my Insta-stories recently you will know what Im on about) and I am going to enjoy that uncontrollable laughter whenever it bubbles to the surface, and ignore the looks of disapproval from anyone. In fact, I will throw my head back and laugh some more!

Lets start the movement, I vote laughter!


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Do you let your teenage self take over? Do you have any moments when your laughter got you in trouble? How do you feel after a good ole belly laugh? Why do you think we are so conscious now of laughing our head off in public? I want to know it all! Tell me your tales haha!


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13 responses to “Someties, You gotta Let Your 13 Year Old Self Take Over!”

  1. Great post! As the saying goes: “laughter is the best medicine.”

    • kerrylifeandloves says:

      It really is, It does us the world of good eh! Wishing you a laughter filled week. Thanks for reading xxxx

  2. I remember being at my little sister’s christening a few years back. There were two christenings happening and one family was at at the left and we were at the right. Anyway, one guy stood up and gave this really deep talk about helping others and how we should look out for the homeless. Then he gave this example of how he hands his Mars Bars out to the homeless man he always see’s, and for some reason I just started laughing.
    I do believe laughter is the best medicine and it’s a really British thing to be very quiet and have this tight upper lip. I always go quiet around others. I loved reading this post though because it’s make me want to be more carefree.

    • kerrylifeandloves says:

      That would have made me laugh too! I have really inappropriate laughter tendencies, Im not sure if its a nervous thing too! Yes, do it! Join my laughter revolution haha! carefree is good, and I’m overjoyed if this post makes you feel a little more like that xxxxx

  3. Can chuckles count too? I’m trying to think when I last had a really good laugh. It’s not that I don’t find things funny, I just don’t tend to laugh instead I just smile and chuckle! I was a miserable cow at 13. I was forever being told off for sulking. Thank god it was just a passing phase. xx

    • kerrylifeandloves says:

      Hahaha! See, that made me chuckle. Maybe you were a laughing 10year old?? Im sure a good ole chuckle releases the same feelings, but, if you get the opportunity, throw your head back and laugh next time someone makes a funny. Give it a bash. (i think your pretty funny though, so I know its in there) hahaha xx Thanks for reading lovely lady xx

  4. Yay for laughter! I was a pretty serious kid, but I made up for it in my 20s! I really want to know what happened in the shoe department now! I didn’t see the Inster story but we got penis-shaped potatoes once and I may have been a bit daft pointing this out to my partner! Has to be done!
    I think the most inappropriate time I found something funny was actually at a funeral. I was really sad, but the thing that happened made me and those around me laugh and I don’t think my Nan would have minded because she was the biggest dog lover I have ever known! Anyway – I was walking with my mum and my guide dog into the Church, and of course the funeral procession was going slowly. We were living in London and I’d taught Cindy that whenever there were slow people in front of us, we overtake them! Tourists are seriously slow and if you let yourself get stuck behind them, you’ll never get to work. So Cindy thought we were in one of those situations and tried to overtake the coffin because it was going too slowly!
    Sometimes when I laugh too much, I have tears streaming down my face! I’ve never lost it like that with a customer, but there’s a first time for everything!
    Thanks for reminding us how important this is! XX

    • kerrylifeandloves says:

      Ohhhh now Kirsty I would have laughed too, how funny! I bet it gave people a little release too, so I would lay money on it that everyone was grateful of the moment. This did make me chuckle. When I had my much mother in laws funeral, I was asked to make a speech at the alter. i was incredibly nervous, and when I went up to the alter, I tripped, my shoes fell off! Not knowing what to do, I picked them up, clutched them under my arm and did my speech bare foot. People were trying so hard not to laugh, my mother in law would have laughed her head off. Im so glad my little post reminds you to laugh. Life is short eh! Thanks for reading xxxx

  5. Janis says:

    Oh I so would have loved to have seen Nik doing that, it’s exactly the sort of thing that cracks me up too! Thumbs up to a good ol’ laugh any time, any where. xx

    • kerrylifeandloves says:

      Ohhh Janis honestly, it was hilarious. I think even funnier because people were frowning upon our laughing! My stomach hurt from laughing. I agree, we need to laugh until we wee a little bit sometimes!

  6. Aww Kerry what a wonderful post, I truly enjoyed reading it and it put a good old smile on my face. We really do need to let our 13 year old selves out sometimes! I just can’t stop when i’ve got the giggles. I remember seeing your penis potato insta story and laughing hehe xx

    • kerrylifeandloves says:

      It feels soooo good to have a real laugh eh! It just makes your whole spirit seem lighter, even if you are having a rubbish day. Im glad it made you smile, and yes, penis shaped fruit and veg is always funny hahaha! Have a great week xx

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