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Drinks at The Nest – An Oxford Street Rooftop Bar

August 25, 2020

Strictly speaking, The Nest is not really an Oxford Street rooftop bar. It is actually in Langham Place. But, it is only a 2 minute walk to the famous shopping street, so it is near enough. In fact, it is absolutely near enough to be a good recommendation to pop in to rest your weary selves, after a day’s shopping. Everyone needs to have a little re-stock of energy after a day in Oxford Street right?? So, grab your pen and get this one written down. It’s a good one!

the nest - oxford street rooftop bar

The Nest – All the details for this (near to) Oxford Street rooftop bar

Nik and I stayed at the fabulous Treehouse Hotel where The Nest is nestled upon recently. You can read all about what we thought in my post Treehouse Hotel review.

Opening Hours of The Nest

Mon–Friday 12 noon – 01:00
Sat 11:00 – 01:00
Sun 11:00 – 22:30 (it is best to double check times while Covid restrictions are in place)

You can get brunch at The Nest, as well as an all day menu. The Nest also has a schedule of activities such as rooftop morning yoga classes and hour long wellbeing classes. All need to be booked in advance.

The Nest - Near Oxford Street rooftop bar
You can happily spend hours here

The Story behind The Nest Rooftop Bar

Like with the hotel, the theme of the bar is treehouses. The design is keeping with that playful, rustic and natural style. Think “kidult” to the max! Colourful and cheerful furnishings. Green foliage drapes down from the ceilings. Natural materials are used to make the fixtures and fittings. Garden style lights add ambience and cosiness to the indoor lounge. It is like settling down in a glorious greenhouse!

The Space

Stepping out of the lift at the 16th floor, you walk through a wooden tunnel into the bar. With wall to wall windows on both your left and right as you enter The Nest, light floods into the space. The seating areas are set out with space around them, and various styles on offer. Settle onto one of the sofas, or relax back in a garden style lounger, the choice is yours.Whatever you choose, you will be comfortable and feel very much at home.

You then of course, have what all good rooftop bars should have. An outside, wraparound terrace. Flanking both sides of The Nest, the terraces have uninterrupted, panoramic views of London stretched out before you. One one side you look out towards the London Eye in the distance. On the other, the BT Tower is the defining landmark.

Views from The Nest rooftop bar

My experience at The Nest rooftop bar

So, I may or may not, have experienced The Nest in both daylight, and the hours of darkness….don’t judge me. It was all in the name of research…… Firstly, I met my lovely friend Kirsty (from What Kirsty Did Next) for drinks there in the day. We had arranged a cocktail and a catch up date and it seemed the idea spot to meet at since Nik and I were staying in the hotel. It was a scorching hot day, so we sat out on one of the terraces. We were on the Oxford Street side. There are large, comfortable bench style seats with tables. Or, you have garden style seating with low tables. It is gorgeous sitting out on the terrace, (although hot on the warmest day of the year). It is like sitting in a beautiful garden.

In the evening, the lights of the City, give a different feel. It feels magical and looks so pretty! Nik and I pitched up on one of the rattan style sofas. As it is table service at The Nest, your drink order is taken and brought out to you. No need for you to leave the views for even a moment! It is amazing to watch the City slowly change from the bustle and fast pace of the day. Lights springing on everywhere and the skyline twinkling with the change. I loved being up on the rooftop for the evening.

Pretty night time City

Kirsty and I started our lunch date with frostino cocktails. Kind of like a delicious, grown up slush puppy! Then we moved onto glasses of chilled wine. Gorgeous! The Nest also has a light lunch menu, if you are feeling peckish. We had flatbreads, and they were delicious. Just what we needed to accompany our wine. You can have a heartier plate of you are hungry, with things like steak, chicken or Salmon on the menu.

In the evening, I sampled a couple of the cocktails on offer, while Nik had cold beers. There is quite a comprehensive list for cocktails, but I stuck to Prosecco based ones as they are my fave!

Evening’s at the nest are still very relaxed. There is music playing inside, by DJ’s that are in their very own “treehouse fort”. Or outside on the terrace, it’s a more chilled vibe.

The finer details of The Nest Rooftop Bar

What are the prices like?

You are in central London, so you will pay a bit more than your out of town local, that is for sure! Beers start at £6/£7 and cocktails start at around the £12 mark. You can buy bottles of wine and champagne also.

Sandwiches and light bites will set you back anything between £12 and £20, with the heartier, more substantial meals in the £22 – £32 price bracket.

What should I wear?

Well, you can leave your tiara at home, but I would still dress up a little. In the daytime you get a lot of “City Boys” and ladies in summer dresses etc. The evening is smart with a touch of glam. I just wore a simple dress and wedges.

Enjoying The Nest rooftop bar

worth noting – while Covid restrictions are in place, you will need a mask in the bar. Once you get to your table, you can take the mask off.

So there you have it my lovely people. Another recommendation for a gorgeous rooftop bar in London for you. What do you think? Is it the sort of bar that you could imagine spending and hour or two…or three….? I have no hesitation on recommending it to you. In fact, I am hoping to be back there in a week or two…

If you would like another rooftop bar recommendation, how about Savage Garden in the Tower Hill area? Another one of my favourites!

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  1. It was so lovely to see you and catch up! Such a gorgeous rooftop bar x

  2. This is now on my radar Kerry – it looks lovely there & somewhere I’d love to go for some time out. Had it not been for this post, I’d never have known this place existed! So thank you x

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