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A Recommended Stay in Jersey, The Channel Islands

June 30, 2019

Picture a manor house, built in the 14th century, with grounds that are far reaching and manicured to perfection. Look up towards the house and see the manor’s staff waiting to greet you, welcoming smiles on their faces, and ready to take your luggage. Now, add to that a complete feeling of calm the minute you enter through the archway leading onto the gravel driveway,…

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Executive Treat in The Grosvenor Hotel, London

June 23, 2019

I didn’t expect to find myself writing this review. In truth, our first stay at The Grosvenor Hotel fell very short of my expectations, and I didn’t think I would ever find myself staying there again! However, I always feel that you can tell a lot about a company and its attitude towards its business, in how they deal with an unhappy customer when something…

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Sunday Brunch at The Gherkin, London

June 19, 2019

Brunch. The fanciest of fancy-ness. There is something a little indulgent about having brunch, especially when it is accompanied by beautifully chilled glasses of champagne! Well, we were that fancy last weekend when we headed up to the 39th floor of the iconic Gherkin to try the Searcys Sunday brunch in the Helix restaurant. Now, Sunday brunch at The Gherkin comprises of four courses, so…

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Finding Adventure in a Staycation

June 12, 2019

Cast your mind back to your childhood. Did you ever go down to the bottom of your garden, be it a big or small area, to investigate what was under rocks or whether there really was fairies living at the end? Can you recall getting into the car with your parents to drive to your cousins house, and it seeming that you were in the…

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A Day in Kent with National Trust

June 9, 2019

One of the reasons that I started this blog, was to hopefully encourage and inspire people to explore more, add to their memories, travel both near and far and try new experiences. Life is for living fully and enjoying after all isn’t it! One of the things that Nik and I vowed to do a couple of years back, was explore more of the beautiful…

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Wulf and Lamb Vegan Restaurant with a Non-Vegan

June 5, 2019

Hi, Im kerry and I have an addiction to vegan burgers…… Seriously, I just cannot choose anything else when I go to a fully vegan restaurant, other than the burgers, (you can read about my burger at the most Instagramable restaurant Kalifornia Kitchen here) Now, this could be because the supermarket vegan burgers are not the best, but whatever the reason, I feel like they…

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Are YOU Your Biggest Obstacle?

June 2, 2019

This months cuppa and a chat post was inspired by a realisation that I had a while back about myself. I was sitting on the train, going into London. My stomach was in knots, as it had been all morning. Even on the short distance into London I had talked myself into and out of the destination I was heading to. You see, I was…

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A Travel Tale – Seeing Whales in Australia

May 28, 2019

I have always felt a real connection to the ocean. It calms me, makes me feel a strong, grounded in nature feeling. I love the ocean in all weathers, and can sit and watch it for hours! Nik and I have always talked about retiring somewhere that is near to the coast. Thats the dream…. I have spoken to you before about my love of…

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A Relaxation Retreat in France

May 22, 2019

I have a firm belief, that what you need comes along at the right time and what is meant for you won’t miss you. Well having just returned from the most blissfully relaxing retreat in beautiful Bergerac, that belief was confirmed and demonstrated to me yet again. I very nearly didn’t make it to the retreat, but, about five hours in on that first day,…

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