Health Journey Update – June

I haven’t posted an update on this subject for a while because, well, in all honesty, Iv been absolutely rubbish!

My will power seemed to pack up and move on out, and the warmer weather meant the temptation to eat and drink yummy food at family get togethers was high! Not good!

I have however found that I have started to understand my triggers, and know that when I eat well, I feel well mentally and physically. Not eating well makes me feel sluggish, more tired and definitely has a negative affect on my mental wellbeing. I have been a “serial dieter” for the last 10 years, and so have the mindset that I should feel guilty and a failure if I have something I shouldn’t. I am beginning to understand that this is an incredibly detrimental mindset, and the saying “diets make you fat” is beginning to make sense. My eldest son, who is training to become a specialist personal trainer, hates the fact that I say, “Oh Im starting my diet tomorrow” He is adamant that “diets” are unhealthy for the mind as well as the body, something that I am beginning to understand and agree with.

As I said in my first post in this category, (you can read it here) I am trying to switch to a complete plant based diet. It makes sense to me (being a non meat eater) and I like the idea of a natural way of eating.

One thing that I have liked the idea of for a while is using a protein powder as I do struggle with breakfast sometimes. I can find it difficult to physically eat anything in mornings, so smoothies and juices appeal to me, especially on work days when I have limited time in the morning. I started looking into powders, and the one that sounded like what I was looking for was the Super Elixir range of products from Wellco. You can see full details here.

Although expensive, I liked the Nourishing Protein ingredient list, the fact that it was vegan and also that it was organic. You can also add fruit to your shakes to give added flavour and vitamins. This also appealed as Im looking to use the shakes as my breakfast replacement, so it feels like more of a meal with added fruit/greens. I bought the vanilla flavour, and its actually really nice.

As I have stated before in a blog post, I am a little bit of a salesman’s dream. Put together a bundle of products that feels good value/money saving, and I am on it like a car bonnet. I just cant resist. So, I did also buy the Super Elixir Alkalising Formula as part of the Ultimate Starter Set bundle. This is a “super greens powder” that you have two teaspoons mixed in water, each day, and the company claims that it is the only multi-vitamin that you need. You can see full details here, but it basically is supposed to build strong immunity, a healthy gut, stabilise blood sugar levels and boost your energy levels. I have been taken this daily for almost four weeks now, and, although it could be coincidence, I have to say that I have noticed a definite improvement in my energy, sleep pattern and possibly sweet cravings. I say possibly with the sweet cravings because although I am definitely not craving sugar lately, I do have times that I don’t have a sweet tooth at all, so cant rule out that its just that.

I will continue with my daily green drink, (it actually tastes very refreshing, a bit lime/citrus flavoured) which I have in place of my cup of tea that I always had. Iv adapted to this easily and really enjoy it. I am also enjoying the protein shake breakfast, and think that this has got to be better than skipping breakfast altogether. My favourite way to have this is;

A scoop of the nourishing powder

About 3/4 glass of of Almond or Brown Rice milk

A banana

Handful of berries, (I like Strawberries and blueberries).

A teaspoon of chai seeds

1/4 glass of filtered water


So, although my weight loss hasn’t increased, (its still 7 pounds off), I feel like I am healthier, making better choices and becoming aware of how I tick with my relationship to food. We have booked a weeks holiday for 4 weeks time, and when we return, Im going to really make an effort to concentrate on weight loss. My husband has taken on a personal trainer that he sees twice a week, I may even take a leaf out of his book. I did try working with my son as my trainer, it lasted a day before we were arguing! I had to sack him immediately for the sake of family peace 🙂     (he is sooooo bossy)

As always, if you are on your own health quest and have any tips to share, I beg you, let me know!




    • kerrylifeandloves
      July 15, 2017 / 9:45 am

      It is expensive Emma, but, its by Elle McPherson so surely I will look like her after a few weeks? hahaha! I will definitely go on and have a look, Im really rubbish at facebook so this may help me too, (fingers crossed) xx

  1. highstreetbeauty11
    July 15, 2017 / 8:39 am

    Great to hear that you are changing your mindset away from ‘dieting’. I’m sure writing posts and updates will give you lots of motivation too xxx

    • kerrylifeandloves
      July 15, 2017 / 9:43 am

      You are so right, I need to write more of these posts as it does focus and motivate me. I think Diet needs to become a swear word! Thank you xxx

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