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Make up Hacks – Things that may make life easier

January 11, 2018

I thought I would share with you, some little hints and tips that I have discovered, that I hope could make life a little easier. There is nothing too ground breaking here, but just little hacks that may help x A quick little read, sharing my amazing, hints and tip genius…………(yes, genius…ahem)

Foundation – If you are in the market for a new, higher end foundation, ask the lovely make up artists on the counter to give you a little tester pot of the colour that they have suggested. Personally, I hate the lighting in all department stores, and my colour match is often slightly off. When I purchased my last foundation, the Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue, I asked for the colour they recommended, plus the one they felt was the second closest. They were more than happy to give me a little tester of both. I did buy the one that was recommended at the same time, but used my tester for a few days to make sure I was happy with the colour before opening the purchase. Winner!

When Make up Shopping – Ok, you know you are a make up addict when you carry around a clean, retractable blush brush, especially to try out blushers and bronzers that I have in my sights. I can use my own brush to apply the powder, so I know my application is how I would usually do it, and I dont have to try to get someone to help me if its busy, I can just go for it.

Eye shadow priming – I do love the Urban Decay eye potion primer, I think its one of the best. However, I have also found eyeshadow sticks to be brilliant alternatives. I purchased a few nude/natural cream eyeshadow sticks from Kiko, you can read about my haul in the post Kiko Haul – First Impressions and I find these brilliant for providing a base for my eyeshadow.

Mattyfyig any lipstick – Im sure this is one that you all probably know already, but my sister-in-law thought it was fab when I shared it with her, so I thought Id include it. Once you apply your lippy, seperate the layers of a peice of loo roll, and put one of the layers over your lips. Get some translucent powder on a brush, and gently dust over your lips through the toilet paper. Your lippy now looks matt. Genius eh!

Perfume – This one was one my husband introduced me too. I know……! A bit like I do with new foundations, whenever he buys me a new perfume, he always asks for a tester. That way, I can use the tester to see if I like the perfume, and to make sure it dosent give me a headache. No more opened but unwanted perfumes sitting around.

Talking of perfume, you know the little sticks that they give you sprayed with scent? Well I pop them in my drawers when I get home to give a lovely waft of fragrance whenever I open the drawer. They last a good month usually.

Mascara – If you are looking for amped up volume in your lashes, dust a tiny amount of translucent powder on your lashes between each coat of mascara. Va va voom-a-licious! Staying on the subject of mascara application, instead of sweeping your mascara brush straight upwards when applying your mascara, sweep the brush towards your nose slightly. This will give your eyes a wide awake look. Your boss will never know that you have been out on the razz all night. Your welcome.

Hair – To give your hair some volume in the morning, spray dry shampoo in your hair before you go to bed. When you wake up, the dry shampoo would have been really worked into your hair, creating a bit of boing and bounce in the morning! (ok you, yes you, get your mind out the gutter….)

Always keep Q-tips with the pointed end in your make up bag. When applying my mascara, I always get dots of it on my eyelid as my lashes are quite long. One little swipe of the pointed end of the q-tip means my eyeshadow stays in place, and no dark smudge.


Well, thats about all the genius I can muster today. Hope you found something useful!

Do you have any make up hacks I need to know about? Please feel free to share in the comments. I love anything that makes my life a little easier.



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12 responses to “Make up Hacks – Things that may make life easier”

  1. Great tips Kerry. You truly are a genius!
    I’ve started to ask for testers whenever possible. How many times do you get a foundation home only to find its not quite right in everyday light. Grrrr
    Have a lovely evening,

    • kerrylifeandloves says:

      Ahhhh Liz, I am so glad you recognise my genius hahaha! I know, this was a huge bug bear of mine. The lighting in these stores is always hideous, there is no chance of coming out with the right colour! Thanks for stopping by xx

  2. I love that you mentioned about the makeup brush in your bag. There is so much bacteria on the counters and products despite daily cleaning. I would advise carrying tissue as well. Before putting on the tester blushers and bronzers, wipe them over with a tissue to remove germs.
    I also hold my thumb on my mascara bottle when I’m using to stop air getting in – it lasts much longer and I apply lipstick a couple of times to build volume. Loving these tips. xx

    • kerrylifeandloves says:

      Ohh I am so glad you said about the tissue, as thats what I do too. I always wipe over what Im trying. Love your tip about the mascara, I hate how quickly my mascaras dry out. Thank you for sharing xx

  3. These are such good tips Kerry, I love the blusher brush one! I’m definitely going to try that one, I’m in the market for a new blush 🙂 I’ve never thought of asking for perfume or foundation testers either! Thanks for sharing lovely.

    Samantha x

  4. I’m definitely going to do the foundation testers next time I need one, you’re so right like can look completely different in the store to at home! With perfume I always spray a little of the tester on me and walk around with it on all day to get a feel of whether or not I like it. Definitely going to try out some of these, fabulous Kerry xx

    • kerrylifeandloves says:

      Ahh thank you Grace! Glad you found something useful. Yes I agree about the perfume, they can smell so different after an hour cant they. Thanks for reading lovely xx

  5. highstreetbeauty11 says:

    Brilliant tips, Kerry. Another fab post xxx

  6. ialysee says:

    Love these tips! I am rotten at make up so I am always on the lookout for some advice! x

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